EJ Dalius if you are a real estate investor, Florida could be on your mind. Many people, both domestic and international, choose Florida as an ideal destination for real estate investment and can benefit from the tips of Eric Dalius, a real estate investor and marketer par excellence with firsthand experience in investing in real estate. Knowing Florida’s real estate market is essential because of the whimsical nature that makes it difficult to make predictions. With some reliable real estate agent or an expert on your side, you can navigate the complex. The landscape of real estate investing in Florida successfully.

It is not enough to know the Florida real estate market to make the right investment decision. Because a lot depends on selecting the property by considering its location; feels Eric J Dalius has gone through the process by a time with success. Although Florida is attractive for real estate investment, it does not mean that the opportunities are the same across the place. A lot depends on location choice since all the locations do not provide the same kind of returns. Depending on several factors, including the scope of rental income from students and tourists.

Here are some places to consider in Florida for real estate investment.


Tampa Bay is the region in Florida that stands only second to Fort Lauderdale in its ability. To attract real estate investments observes EJ Dalius. You can choose any property at any location throughout Tampa Bay because of the high rental income prospects. Before the Covid19 pandemic, Tampa Bay saw substantial real estate investments based on the steadily improving local economy. Leading to an increase in the number of properties owned by banks for sale.   A surge in the local job market has triggered population growth and demand for rental properties. Which has attracted investors to reap the benefits of acquiring rental properties.

Fort Lauderdale

To decide about investing in real estate, you must choose the best location. In terms of its appeal to people and crunching some numbers that help to understand whether buying a property would be better than renting it.  It is mostly applicable to those who want to live in Florida. According to data available from 2019, the gap between the average monthly rental price. And the median value is so narrow that it makes good sense to opt for buying a home over renting it. Another factor that favors home buyers is that the projections show a steady rise in home price, which justifies the investment.


Any good real estate investor relies on their gut feeling and the statistics of the real estate market of any place to decide about investing. Considering an annual growth of 9% in homes’ prices, Jacksonville becomes an automatic choice for real estate investors. Besides, the 5.1 % yearly population growth and 4.1% job growth uphold Jacksonville as one of the fast upcoming cities in Florida that lifts real estate investors’ spirits.