Eric Dalius, Miami

Eric Dalius has built himself a very successful career in marketing and entrepreneurship. As an energetic and enthusiastic individual, Eric is always looking for new ways to utilize his skills and talent in the industry. While currently in semi-retirement, Eric has no plans of slowing down any time soon.

Eric Dalius Miami Penn State University

Eric earned a degree from Penn State in 1992 and quickly excelled in the workforce upon graduating. He joined MCI Telecom and under two years later was the leading sales rep in the entire country. After achieving success here, Eric moved on to his next venture. He was in search of greater freedom and a new outlet for his creativity.

In mid-1994, Eric founded his own business and worked as a telecommunications consultant. Business really began to take off and Eric found himself working long hours each day. He still made time to be a little league coach though! Overall, the ’90s treated Eric well and he reached levels of success he never thought possible.


Cash Out Real Estate

Eric Dalius decided to take things in a new direction in 2002. He started his own membership-based company called CORE (Cash Out Real Estate) using a AAA model and created over 10 million in sales. He specialized purchasing real estate and refinancing the properties. Within a year, Eric had himself almost 50 properties! While incredibly successful initially, the 2008 recession forced the company to close.


Eric Dalius: New Horizons

Eric is now eagerly awaiting and planning his next adventure. If there’s one thing that’s certain about Eric, it’s that he isn’t close to being finished yet. There’s still lots of energy and passion left to spread to the world!