Eric Dalius, Miami

Eric Dalius is an energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneur who has always sought new ways to utilize his skills and talents.  

Eric Dalius Miami Penn State University

Eric earned a degree from Penn State in 1992 and quickly excelled in the workforce upon graduating. He joined MCI Telecom and in 1993, and was the leading sales rep in the company within a year.   By 1994, Eric had founded a telecommunications consultancy, which was his first business.

Cash Out Real Estate

Eric Dalius founded CORE, a membership-based company called CORE (Cash Out Real Estate) in the early 2000’s and soonusing a AAA model and revenues hit $10 million.  During this time, he began acquiring real estate, ultimately taking ownership of 50 properties.

Eric Dalius: New Horizons

Eric is now planning his next adventure. There’s still lots of energy and passion left to spread to the world!