Eric Dalius the great American economy is truly affected and devastated badly by the recent Covid-19 outbreak. The highly contagious pandemic has impacted almost every industry so badly throughout. In the USA that more than ten million residents. Have lost their job within a very short span of just a few months. From the list due to the economic shut down for a longer duration and less flow of money.

As per the famous real estate expert Eric J Dalius, it will take some more time to determine. The actual losses suffered due to the pandemic and how the future growth of the real estate will act in Florida. However, you can take a close look at the predictions made by the real estate experts in Florida so that you can get a transparent idea of the future happenings once the economic standstill is over.

Florida Is Highly Affected as Stated by Eric Dalius

It is concluded that the real estate market of Florida and some other states are badly affected. And running through a crisis due to the global economic shutdown. After the recession in 2008, the growth of the real estate sector in Florida has not been impacted so badly.

The real estate sector in Florida, including housing, restaurants, clubs, bars, and other commercial entertainment venues; all is going through an economic crisis due to the lockdown and huge decline. In the money flow in recent time. Even the tourism industry in Florida is also among the sufferers due to the curfews across the USA and a sharp decline in consumer spending due to joblessness. All of these factors are pushing the real estate sector and other business sectors in Florida towards the economic recession.

Eric Dalius Investment in Housing Declined in Florida

The sales of new homes in Florida have suffered a sharp decline amid the Covid-19 outbreak. The sales graph already indicated a slowdown. In the month of February 2020 just a little prior to the lockdown started in Florida. And after the lockdown started in the month of March 2020, the fresh sales of homes. Went to the extreme lower side of the graph.

Most reliable real estate experts like Eric Dalius are worried about the future. Growth of the real estate and tourism industry in Florida. As per their words, it is not an easy task to predict the future growth of real estate. The market of the sunshine state as the deadly pandemic is not over yet.


Now a crucial question may arise: what is ahead for the real estate business in Florida? Will it crash or survive strongly? Well, you can understand that it is really very hard to forecast the future of the real estate market in Florida amid the pandemic situation. But we have to keep in mind, long back in 2008; Florida went through an extreme economic recession and survived. Therefore, it is expected that once the deadly pandemic situation is over, the demand and supply chain of the real estate business in Florida will begin to flourish once again.