In the past couple of decades, most of us have become increasingly reliant on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc., to discover new music and talent. Although these are powerful tools and can lead to you unearthing hidden gems, their algorithm-based formula alone cannot capture every music fan’s nuanced tastes and preferences.

Even if you keep updated with the latest music releases and charts, the albums that have the biggest marketing budget rise to the top. If you are looking for a highly customized and fun experience to music discovery, MuzicSwipe can help you go beyond these “traditional” music sources, dig deeper, and find great new music that is perfectly tailored to your taste.

MuzicSwipe: What Is It?

MuzicSwipe is an online music and content discovery service that is designed to provide maximum exposure to artists while developing stronger relationships with music fans. It is a highly connected platform that operates by working directly with artists from every genre and skill level. This is done to ensure that fans have access to true-to-life live musical experience, exclusive original content, and events.

The executive chairman of MuzicSwipe is Eric J Dalius, who is a key player in revolutionizing the music discovery process. His platform has been featured in Yahoo Finance and positioned to form partnerships with independent artists, music record labels, and distributors, as it works to expand the global artist roster.

How Does MuzicSwipe Work?

MuzicSwipe is an intuitive and easy to use platform. To market themselves, artists need to upload a 15-second song preview card, known as a “Clip.” Here is how you can do that.

  • Download the MuzicSwipe app from the Google Store or the App Store
  • Create an Artist account on it (more on this below)
  • Select video, picture, or animation
  • Sync a 15-second piece of your song
  • Tag various genres for music discovery
  • Find the relevant fan audience for your music

MuzicSwipe will then share your music with an active community of global music fans. If a fan likes your clip, they have the option of swiping “left” or “right” to show their interest.

It is as easy as that!

MuzicSwipe does all the hard work of marketing music so that the artists can continue to do what they do best – make amazing music!

Features of MuzicSwipe

MuzicSwipe offers innovative new features that make it simpler and more exciting for artists to promote their work online. Here are some great benefits of using MuzicSwipe.

Create 15-Second Clips

Artists can create a 15-second clipping of their music, video, image, or animation as previews to make it easier for fans to discover and like them. Artists can upload up to 10 music clips on their profile and tag them with the relevant genre to target the right audience.

Tag Clips with Genre

Artists can tag their media clips with the genres relevant to their music or content. This allows them to break out of the box and find a wider fan audience who are genuinely interested in their music.

Discover Favorite New Artists

The platform offers great benefits to not just artists but music lovers as well. Fans can discover new music and connect with new artists based on genres. By swiping right, fans can discover quality content and get connected with the artists whose work they love.

Initially, clips are anonymous on MuzicSwipe when previewed by fans. Once the fan has swiped three times on the same artist, a match is created. This will reveal the artist’s name and allow the fan to access the artist’s MuzicSwipe profile to get more information.

Every Swipe is Free

Fans and artists never have to pay for any swipe. The platform is free to use for both music artists and music lovers. You can create your profile for free on the website or by downloading the MuzicSwipe app from the Google Store or the App Store.

Access Original Content

Fans can access premium original content on MuzicSwipe, which cannot be found on any other platform. Get access to exclusive content by your favorite music artists with MuzicSwipe.

Invitations to Exclusive Events

MuzicSwipe stays updated with the latest events, concerts, live music and artist pop-ups in your city. Artists and music lovers can get invitations to exclusive events that are happening in their city and beyond.

How to Create an Artist Account on MuzicSwipe

Creating an Artist Account on MuzicSwipe is easy. Here are the steps to it.

Download the MuzicSwipe App: Artists can download the MuzicSwipe app from both the Google Store and the App Store, depending on the operating system they use.

Get Registered: Click on the “Register.” You will be redirected to a new page where you will be prompted to create a new account.

Select Your Role: When creating an account, you will be provided with two role options: Fan or Artist. Click on “Artist” as your role to create an Artist Account.

Enter Your User Name: Make sure to type your user name correctly as that will be your artist handle at MuzicSwipe.

Enter Phone Number: Once you have created the account, you will need to add in your phone number. This is required for account verification purposes and cannot be seen by fans or external parties.

Add Email Address: Add your email address to your profile and click on the “Next” tab.

Verify the Account: Once your profile is completed, MuzicSwipe will send a verification code via SMS. Input the code to activate your MuzicSwipe account.

That’s it!

How Can Artists Create Clips on MuzicSwipe?

It takes no more than a couple of minutes to create Clips on MuzicSwipe. Here is how to do it.

Go to Profile: Creating Clips can easily be done through your profile. You can upload up to 10 clips on your MuzicSwipe Artist Profile once you complete registration.

Add New Clip: Click on the “Add New Clip” option to add your 15-second clip. The more clips your upload, the higher the likelihood of getting connected with a diverse group of global fans.

Upload Track: Click on the “Upload Track” option and select an MP3 or WAV file from your device folder to upload to MuzicSwipe.

Rename the Track: Once the file is uploaded, you can rename it to the title of the song.

Create the Portrait Icon: Click on the portrait icon to upload a video or image. If you are selecting a video, you can use the slider to select the 15 seconds you want to attach to your Clip. If selecting a photo, choose exciting images, be careful of margins, and avoid text.

Tag the Clips: Once the tracker and visualizer has been uploaded, you can select each clip and tag each with three different genres.

Post the Clip: Once this is done, you are now ready to post the Clip. Click on the “Post Clip” option and your clip will be added to your library. You have the option of editing Clip visuals or audio content any time you like.

Final Words

Although there are many music discovery platforms out there, MuzicSwipe offers a highly personalized and fun experience for both music artists and fans. Artists have a higher chance of getting exposure through the service, thanks to features like the 15-second clip, while fans find a better way to listen to music in the genres they love.

To find great new music today or market yourself as an artist, visit MuzicSwipe today.