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Future of Music Discovery

Eric Dalius on the Future of Music Discovery: Beyond Shazam and Soundhound

Music discovery has been a transformative journey, evolving with the beat of technology and the rhythm of human innovation. It’s a symphony of exploration, where melodies are uncovered, and harmonies are found in the most unexpected places. The journey began with platforms like Shazam and Soundhound, which introduced the world to the magic of audio

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The Best Music Discovery Platform for New Artists: MuzicSwipe by Eric Dalius

In the past couple of decades, most of us have become increasingly reliant on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc., to discover new music and talent. Although these are powerful tools and can lead to you unearthing hidden gems, their algorithm-based formula alone cannot capture every music fan’s nuanced tastes and preferences. Even if you

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