Whether major structural redesigns or minor cosmetic works, renovations have proven as an effective means to increase the worth of your property in Florida when expertly executed and thoroughly researched. Bathroom remodeling can help a great deal to boost your property value, says Eric Dalius. Along with the excellent selling features of remodeled bathrooms, the home buyer can also enjoy a property that is comfortable to live in.

Benefits of Bathroom Remodelling to Boost your Property Value

With bathroom remodeling, you can boost your property value in Florida in the following ways, according to EJ Dalius,

  • Vanity Upgrades – When you upgrade the complete vanity, it will pay off well. It entails mixers, the entire cabinetry, and the basin. Buy vanity fittings comprising of every fitting and fixture that you need at single costs or compile the ideal vanity yourself. Make sure to select materials that appeal to buyers. Marble and granite, for instance, are best for a countertop, and tiles and laminate may be a bit retro.


  • Energy-efficient Updates – Updating energy efficiency has several benefits for your home, which is much beyond the environment. It will work wonders to boost the home’s resale value, too, says Eric J Dalius. You can nicely optimize the sink, shower, and toilet for an optimized flow, which means less water use that amounts to higher savings on the water bills. It is something that will strongly appeal to the buyers. Thus, while selecting bathroom fixtures, go for those who promise to save the utmost energy.


  • Update Shower – Try to install a walk-in shower. These days tubs are just for looks, and you will do much better through the square footage they take up. A beautiful shower door that is frameless having a showerhead will make a luxury look, leaving prospective renters a lasting impression.

Fast Refresh In The Bathroom

  • Accessorize – An effective, fast refresh in the bathroom will include merely switching out the towel, replacing the dowdy shower curtain, and having an eye-catching piece like a beautiful vase. The way necessities get arranged can create a difference. Roll the towels and nicely place the same on open shelves in neat rows.


  • Flooring – It is the flooring in your home that is the toughest wearing element. Floors that are well-maintained offer a youthful and refreshed look to the house. Thus it is vital to invest in durable and quality products for the floors and look after the installation quality. Expensive hardwood floors will look terrible if the planks have gaps or they are lifting. While on the other hand, affordable laminates will look great when laid correctly.

The bottom line is if you are all set to sell your property in Florida now or in the near future, get your bathroom renovated through a professional before hiring the services of an experienced real estate agent. A stylish and well-furnished bathroom will matter a lot to determine the worth or price of your home. After all, customers will pay more attention both to the bathroom and the kitchen. So, all the best.