Eric Dalius though most people think that your property. Will not sell at year-end, the truth is quite different from fiction. According to Forbes, properties listed online for sale around November-December will sell faster and at the price, you quote. There are several instances when during the initial days of November; there were record sales of 30 homes in Coral Springs and another 8 in Parkland. So now, you know the reality and can forget the myths.

In this article, Eric Dalius will elucidate the top reasons for selling your vacation. Home or apartment at the end of the year.

Eric Dalius thinks that it benefits the seller and buyer

A few buyers think that November-December is a slow time for selling properties. They are of the view that can get a good price if the seller is too desperate to sell. Buyers may also buy a property in Florida for other reasons of their own. To be candid, the actual motivation is the tax savings when buying a home at year-end.

For many property buyers, dealing with real estate in November and December and starting the New Year without any worries is another inspiring factor. The same rule holds for sellers if they manage to sell their properties. At year-end, start the New Year with a bang, and worry-free. The most essential factor is that you can get an offer very close to the listing price. All these motivations work when one is selling a home at the end of the year.

Holiday plans can motivate property sale

Selling your home in November or December makes sense, EJ Dalius feels. That is because most people hailing from South Florida know that tourists visit the sunshine state during this time of the year. It indicates there is demand and if you manage to sell your property before the end of the holiday season, the benefit is yours.

Prospective buyers looking for a second home in Florida to spend their vacation are normally genuine customers and keen to sign the agreement. Therefore, take these buyers seriously by placing your home for sale right away during this time.

Little competition at the end of the year

As most people think that property sale is not possible during November or December, they keep waiting until spring. It means little competition in the real estate market at year-end. You need to reap the maximum benefits out of this situation and put your property for sale.

Holiday decorations inspire a home sale

No matter whether it is Halloween or Christmas, the new home decorations give your property a festive look. Prospective buyers will feel inspired and imagine themselves. in that house with their families loved ones, and friends to spend their future holidays.

It is true indeed that holidays tend to make people emotional and so you can expect to get a higher price if you sell your property at year-end.


Now that you know the reasons why homes sell at the end of the year, prep up your home during the festive season for potential clients and a price close to what you expect.