Eric Dalius investing in a new home in Florida will be a lengthy procedure, having highs and lows. Thus, it is vital to have a reliable real estate agent. To guide you in every step of the overwhelming yet exciting process.

Top 7 Traits

These are the top 7 traits that you need to consider while hiring a real estate agent in Florida, according to Eric Dalius,

  • Interest in Architecture and Houses – Having a good interest in architecture and houses will give them an advantage over salespersons and brokers. When the agent’s interest level and knowledge are apparent in the conversation, the client will notice that they care about their industry.


  • Winning Personality – The career in real estate is people-oriented. An agent needs to have a personality that can easily woo potential clients and gain their confidence, says Eric J Dalius. Though it takes time to become an experienced agent, a friendly personality will right away score great points. People will desire to get in touch with that real estate agent chiefly because he possesses an amiable demeanor. All agents are not pleasant, so this quality can be a superpower for a quick real-estate sale.

Enthusiasm Real estate is a complicated business

  • Enthusiasm – Real estate is a complicated business. It is much more than taking pleasure in HGTV or touring homes. Instead, this needs proper knowledge regarding the local community, sales and negotiation, and real estate data and trends. A successful agent will love the real estate business as a whole. When an agent is enthusiastic about this process, this will feed the clients’ excitement and trust, says EJ Dalius. Thus, enthusiasm is a vital trait in a real estate agent.


  • Strong Business Acumen – To help clients, a real estate agent needs to understand the complex transactions and explain the same to the clients. A successful real estate agent possesses a strong business background and makes efforts to learn and study best practices. Thus, business acumen is a vital characteristic of a real estate agent.


  • Familiarity with Regulations and Rules – A right real estate agent is one who understands how regulations and rules apply in real estate in that specific region. He needs to know all laws about the property. To prevent communicating inaccurate information to customers or misleading in other ways. A real estate agent will guide clients through every legal technicality and paperwork associated with the sale. Most homeowners are not aware of the different real estate laws. While selling or buying a home, so they depend mostly on the agent to properly guide them all through the process.


  • Technological Mindset – A real estate agent equipped with technology can provide modern solutions with transparency, artificial intelligence, automation, and data. Access to automation and data can clarify the entire real estate market while renting, buying, or selling a home.


  • Good Listener – During the home buying process, the client’s needs are the most crucial. And an excellent real estate agent is aware of this. The right agent asks all the questions, informs the customer, and nurtures them from the beginning. So find one that is a good listener.

In short, these are some of the best skills and qualities that a good real estate agent. In Florida should have to survive in this challenging industry.