EJ Dalius as a real estate agent, your absolute mission must be to help your clients navigate. The often choppy waters of property transactions in a safe, smooth manner. It takes a good deal of skill and experience to be perfect at it, but it always helps to know what some best practices are and what common pitfalls you can save a ton of time, effort, and funds by avoiding.

Follow-through is Essential, says EJ Dalius

Clients for your real estate business will not appear out of thin air. You must run dedicated marketing and lead generation campaigns to gather strong leads. It is then your task to condition these leads and convert them into potentially long-lasting client relationships. It’s not about a one-and-done job where you impress someone into doing business with you, it’s about doing such a good job that they keep coming back. To you in the future or whole-heartedly recommend you to their contacts. You must maintain a dedicated list of people to follow-up with, the tasks you must perform for them, what questions they would like answered, and how best you can serve them at any time. Losing the ball here is losing business.

Find Your USP

Real estate is decades, even centuries-old business. In this remarkably crowded space, you must find the few things that make your services special. This is so crucial that it might as well be one of the first things on your agenda when sketching your business plan. Identifying these strengths will allow you to spin comprehensive marketing campaigns to advertise them to targets. Put your best foot forward so that they too can see what you are capable of, suggests business guru EJ Dalius. Forging personal relationships on the strong foundation of your ability, personality, or experience is a surefire way to do good business.

Never Lose Touch

Eric Dalius urges entrepreneurs to always remember that the most important person to a business should always be the client. As your business grows rapidly, it isn’t uncommon to lose touch with some of your earliest clients. Since occurrences of repeat business in real estate can be few and far between. It is, however, important to remember that you helped this client with something important in their life and they are likely to remember. You fondly for it. Checking in on them or sending them personalized notes every once. In a while can do wonders to retain that impression. Be it for word of mouth or repeat business, you will be in pole position.

Conclusion: Never Stop Learning

No matter what sector you conduct business in; your professional development must never stop. Continuous learning is a must in an ever-evolving field like real estate. This isn’t even just a platitude- it is law in Florida that your license will lapse if you do not complete at least 14 hours of continuous education in the field every two years. Every minute you spend without furthering your learning objectives, another one of your competitors might be picking up a skill or a specialized legal factoid that would give them the edge in the future.