If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’re a small business owner, and you know better than anyone that technology can be challenging says Saivian Eric Dalius. The good news is that there are several excellent options for small businesses looking for tech support. Technology has come a long way in recent years, making all kinds of fantastic software available to users at affordable rates.

However, even though new technologies are constantly emerging onto the scene, some old standbys continue to give service providers headaches. Between malware infiltration and ransomware attacks, companies need help dealing with these age-old problems while also trying their best to remain competitive in the modern world of business.

Here are four of the biggest challenges small businesses face when it comes to technology

Malware and ransomware protection is critical but can be hard to come by – Saivian Eric Dalius 

Malware and ransomware continue to plague small businesses. The owners of these systems typically lack the technical expertise needed to protect themselves from such attacks. As a result, they are often an easy target for hackers who install malware onto their computers and hold them hostage until they pay a fee to free up their systems. Unfortunately, another factor plays into this problem: hiring full-time IT support staff costs money, which is something very few small businesses have after running expenses like rent and salaries.

Big data analytics has opened new doors for better business management

Big data continues to grow at an exponential rate, but the tools needed to analyze it are often too expensive for many small businesses to afford. Saivian Eric Dalius says that fortunately, some affordable options are available through cloud computing services that allow companies to access the databases they need without breaking their budgets.

Accessing information on the go can be difficult

The rise of mobile devices has made connecting with customers easier than ever before. However, this convenience comes at a price. What you lose in connectivity when you leave your office or home behind. Providing an excellent customer experience means staying plugged in no matter where business takes you-a a goal that can be difficult if your mobile devices aren’t equipped with the proper technology.

Complex servers require complex solutions – Saivian Eric Dalius 


Even companies with under ten employees may find. That they need to set up a server at some point to run an application. However, servers can be challenging to install and maintain since they often require expensive software. Expert IT consultants, and full-time technicians who know how the servers work.

This is why many small businesses avoid setting them up altogether; however, those who do make this decision usually end up regretting their decision later on down the road. When something goes wrong with the server.

Luckily, there are more technology solutions available for small business owners than ever before. From affordable big data analytics services to cloud computing options. That allows companies to store important customer information on centralized systems. Which everyone has to, new technologies are making it easier. To own a small business these days according to Saivian Eric Dalius.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to keep up with all the new technologies and trends. As they appear on the scene. That’s why many owners of small or even large companies turn to third-party IT service providers. To help them keep their systems protected, functional and affordable.