Eric J Dalius Florida is a state very well-known for its business-friendly climate, low taxation, and wealth of human. Resources that make it one of the top destinations for entrepreneurs. Not surprisingly venture capitalists have also displayed a strong preference for funding units based in the state. Despite the very large and flourishing entrepreneurial scenario in Florida. There are unfortunately many units that falter simply because entrepreneurs made some mistakes. Some of the more common mistakes that entrepreneurs in Florida tend to make:

No Market Potential 

Entrepreneurs often fail to establish whether their idea is something that solves a problem. If the startup is trying to solve a problem that no one cares about, it is evident that there is no market potential for the product. In fact, according to a study conducted by, the lack of market potential is the top reason for startups failing.

Eric J Dalius Fixation with Perfection Can Kill the Venture, Warns Eric Dalius

Entrepreneurs who take too long to launch the product just because they want something perfect. Can find themselves beaten to the draw by the competition. Entrepreneurs need to understand that there is no end to improving the product. And it is very easy to lose the first-mover advantage. It is invariably far better to launch a product that maybe 80% okay and then keep on adding to the quality, performance, reliability, durability, and other features in the subsequent iterations. Sometimes, strangely enough, entrepreneurs hesitate to launch the product just because they are afraid of failure, observes EJ Dalius.

Eric J Dalius Ignoring Customer Feedback 

Eric J Dalius to be certain that the product is solving the problem it was intended to; entrepreneurs must pay attention to what customers are saying. As gratifying as positive feedback is, it is often more important. To find out the reasons behind poor feedback because that will help you to improve the product. Also, find out if people are buying your product but using it or rejecting the product outright. Because these are important issues that need to be fixed quickly for sustained revenue growth.

Trying to Do Everything Alone

Eric J Dalius most entrepreneurs sincerely believe that there is nobody better than them to do everything required for the business. Unfortunately, it is simply not possible to grow your business all by yourself because it is not possible for one person to have all the capabilities as well as the time to do everything. It is invariably far better to hire employees or even outsource certain aspects of business operations to be able to do a better job.


Setting up a startup can be a tough business and making it a success even more so. While many people dream of becoming an entrepreneur, most people hesitate to take the final plunge simply because of the lack of confidence. And overestimation of the likely challenges. It is better to have tried to establish a venture rather than not having attempted to it at all. The best thing an entrepreneur can do is to learn from his mistakes and bounce back stronger and more determined.