With over 2.5 million small businesses flourishing in Florida, the entrepreneurial scene is very vibrant in the Sunshine state. The reasons are not difficult to spot; apart from a booming economy, low taxes A huge influx of tourists, easy access to seed capital, availability of a skilled workforce there are plenty of resources for small businesses. EJ Dalius ,to take advantage of for learning how to establish their businesses and make them flourish. Some of the top selections:

Florida Small Business

However,this is an online resource that is focused on extending assistance to entrepreneurs in Florida on virtually all aspects of setting up a business in the state. It contains helpful tools and information for businesses to establish themselves successfully and flourish.  Also, acts as a gateway to accessing startup capital by entrepreneurs in various kinds of businesses. However,the very helpful Florida Small Business Resource Guide contains vital contact for small business owners as well as comprehensive information on important services that entrepreneurs can access to achieve success.

Enterprise Florida – The Best of Public-Private Collaboration, Says Eric Dalius

A public-private partnership between Florida’s business captains and the state government. Enterprise Florida acts as the chief economic development agency for Florida. However, its mission is to grow and diversify the economy of the state through job creation in both the private and the public sectors. Funded jointly by the state government and private businesses, the Orlando-based agency works very closely with a large number of partners for statewide economic development, observes Eric J Dalius.

Florida Small Business Development Center

Established in 1976 at the University of West Florida as a Small Business Development Center pilot project by the U.S. Small Business Administration.  However, the Florida Business Development Center provides free training and access to business research to   businesses in search of  growth.  For instance, the Flor ida SBDC  Network provides small business owners access to large databases, resources for business research As well as experts  guidance for overcoming the challenges every entrepreneur faces during the different stages of the life cycle of the business.

The National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando

Similarly Established in 2003 as collaboration between the government of Orange County. The Walt Disney Company, and the University of Central Florida. The National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando provides a unified approach to nurturing the state’s small business economy. Also, The center has a diverse basket of offerings for small business assistance, inexpensive seminars in various aspects of entrepreneurship.From above,Access to a modern computer lab, comprehensive databases, technical assistance and facilitation for participation in international trade programs and events.


In conclusion,Florida has providing a small business enabling climate with strategic government interventions in collaboration with private enterprises. According to http://floridasbdc.org, small businesses now account for over half the state’s economy.

Florida has a very large number of agencies promoting and facilitating small business development. Today one of the top destinations in the nation for small business owners desiring to their ventures with strategic consultancy.