Are you going to start a business in Florida but confused about picking a niche? Do not worry, here are the top 3 business ideas suggested by EJ Dalius which you may choose. With developing technologies, you also need to improve your strategies. So, these ideas will definitely assist you in every aspect to turn your brand viral. If you are going to begin a business in Florida then you must promote your business on a social networking platform. So, without wasting a moment. Let us take a look at business and real estate ideas with which you can grow your company smoothly.

Renting a Property and Real Estates

Real estate is a $120 billion dollar industry spreading very speedily all over the world; hence renting the properties can be the most money-making business to begin in Florida. Before buying a rental property, make sure you are selecting the property near the ocean or tourism area. As more than 100 million people come to Florida annually.

Apart from that, renting a property can be done on a part-time basis. And you don’t need to work for your business full-time to earn money once you find a few good clients in Florida. If you need any help regarding starting a business in Florida, you can simply visit

Social Media Manager

This is the age of social media; you can connect 100 times more people through social media as compared to the offline market. 3.8 billion people use social media platforms worldwide. Therefore, a business definitely needs to go online to become successful. Being a social media manager, you can easily earn up to $6500 monthly by just using popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

Actually, a social media manager manages brand promotions so that business enterprises can reach more audiences. Nowadays, big companies are focusing a lot on social media networks. So, starting a social media managing service in Florida is one of the greatest ideas with which you can generate a huge income and can capture the global market easily.

Ghostwriting – Best Business Suggested by Eric J Dalius

Well, ghostwriting can be one of the best businesses to start in Florida as suggested by EJ Dalius. All big brands and companies hire ghostwriters to write for them. A ghostwriter may write something like a blog, article, or a book on behalf of others. There are several companies that hire ghostwriters to write for them so that the people can read and come to know about their stuff. According to Chron, an experienced ghostwriter can earn more than $10,000 to $20,000 on a weekly basis.


You’ve learned all of the top 3 business ideas that you can start in Florida. These data are collected after a complete market analysis of Florida hence it will definitely help you to grow a business especially during this deadly pandemic when most of the companies are struggling a lot with their businesses. If you choose any out of the mentioned 3 business ideas, it will definitely help you generate good income despite the pandemic situation.