Eric Dalius real estate is amid the most booming sectors. Today it is counted as a highly lucrative investment alternative. Regardless of demographic facets, most people in Florida consider real estate a good investment. Because this is a sector whose value will indeed shoot up in the future.

Tips to Consider

Eric Dalius shares four smart tips that you need to consider if you want to begin a real estate business in Florida. These include,

  • Right Office Location – Always choose a location that people can see and access quickly, both agents and clients alike. Also, consider the square footage and zoning of the office.


  • Agents are the Ally – According to EJ Dalius, your agents will be your ally in your real estate business. So it is vital to selected established and certified agents that will prove beneficial for your business. Hire agents trained, experienced, and up to date to prevent falling prey to any legal errors. Most importantly, always hire agents that have sales training.


  • Proper Business Plan – An organized and well-written strategy will act as a guideline. And a blueprint as your business moves forward. A sound business plan will help in guiding the company.

To Integrate Social Media Platforms

  • Introduce Facebook into the Marketing Plan – Try to integrate social media platforms such as Facebook in your real estate marketing practice. In case you are blogging, try to set it in a way that it is posted automatically on the Facebook page. Make the most of Facebook apps for sending fans monthly newsletters. Facebook makes it simpler to make a personal and fast connection with the individuals you meet. This platform will offer you a soft means to connect. To people rather than sending them emails from the business address. Try connecting with them more personally and try inviting them to the business page.


  • A Professional Website – Apart from those mentioned above, there is another useful component that you can add to the business initiation program, and that will benefit you in multiple ways is to build a professional website, says Eric J Dalius. This website will act as a building block, so you need to create and introduce a distinct looking, innovative, and relevant professional business website. This website will prove beneficial for your developing real estate business. Most people, today turn to online resources while searching for real estate property that they can buy. And try to be familiar with other associated technologies in the real estate business.

In the current day real estate business in Florida, the right marketing techniques play a crucial role. You need to understand the client’s psychology and the sellers and what is vital for them. What to bring to the limelight in a conversation and impress the person will also help you strike a deal.

Smooth and easy legal paperwork and transactions and prompt customer service will leave a good impression, says Dalius. Akin to other businesses, here as well, past client referrals through word of mouth will work wonders in earning trust and a good name among clients.