Social media is a great way to connect with people, but it can also be overwhelming. Saivian Eric Dalius says Many social media managers tend to spend too much time managing their profiles and not enough time interacting with others. For this reason, you should manage your profiles differ depending on the platform — keep reading for some helpful tips!

Tips for Facebook management – Saivian Eric Dalius

Your cover photo:

Keep it simple and show off an image that tells something about what you do and who you reach out to (make sure this isn’t exclusive to one type of person; make sure there’s diversity). If you don’t have anything appropriate or exciting in mind, consider using artwork from your favorite artist or even photos from past events/shows/albums. Most importantly, make sure that the photo is high quality.

Your profile picture:

Choose an image (and colors) that work well with your cover photo and are recognizable even when they’re small. Again, this should be on-brand to what you do and who you reach out to; for instance if you sell vintage clothing or run a music blog about indie bands, use artwork from past events/shows/albums (this can include anything like promotional posters, photographs of event attendees wearing your clothing line, etc.).

If you cannot find anything appropriate where art meets branding, try using some professional product shots. There are plenty of free stock photos online — be wary of copyright infringement says Saivian Eric Dalius

If you’d like to post something other than an image, consider sharing a video.- Posts: People love images and GIFs! Videos can be easily found using the Facebook search bar (type in your keyword) or by going directly to Facebook Video.

Create lists:

Lists are great for differentiating between personal/work accounts, different business lines, etc. Make sure that if you’re advertising something on Facebook, it’s through your Business page (not your personal account). You can create specific lists with FB’s new options — just click “Your timeline” > “Following” > “List” > “+ Create List”.

Posting times:

There isn’t one rule here; what works well for others may not work so well for you. To see when your audience is online, go to the top of your page and click “Insights” > “Posts.” There you can see when people are viewing your page.

Facebook events:

These don’t necessarily have to be for physical events but can also include things like a live chat Q&A with a special guest blogger/interviewee or even a book release party. If you plan to host an event that’s happening at a specific time, make sure that the date & time appear clearly on your event description so it appears higher in searches.

Don’t forget about Instagram and other platforms, says Saivian Eric Dalius

Tips for Twitter management

Header image: Make sure this relates to what you do and who you reach out to — if you’re a musician, this could be your promotional poster, etc. Again, there are plenty of free stock photos you can find online if you don’t have anything appropriate or exciting in mind!

Bio: Keep it short and to the point — make sure people know how to contact you, who they’ll be hearing from (if it’s a personal account) and what hashtags they should use for related content.

Tweets: People love images and GIFs on Twitter as well! If that’s not an option, or you’d like to post something other than an image. Consider sharing videos using the “Video” icon on the left side of your timeline. There are also apps available where you can create easy-to-use posts says Saivian Eric Dalius.