We are gradually heading towards 2022 and the New Year promises to be a big and eventful year for technological advancements. Business guru Saivian Eric Dalius believes that the upcoming year will be marked by the introduction of new systems and innovative solutions. All these advancements in technology could help in aiding consistent business productivity and creating ground-breaking and dynamic techniques for an organization to function smoothly and efficiently. However, it pays to keep in mind that businesses are bound to encounter a few tech challenges with technological advancement. Technology is known for playing a crucial role in the world of business. However, let us discuss some of the technology challenges that your business may face in 2022.

Technology Challenges Identified by Saivian Eric Dalius

Ensuring & Maintaining Security

Security may prove to be a major challenge for all businesses in 2022. Several cybersecurity breaches are taking place once almost every week. Every 11 seconds, it has been predicting that an organization would encounter a ransomware attack. Hence, to face the cybersecurity challenges in the upcoming year, it is imperative to have solid cybersecurity in place. Organizations should use a password manager or roll out multi-factor authentication throughout the organization for adding extra fail-safes to access data and adding a layer of protection instantly against possible cyber-attacks. According to Saivian Eric Daliusthe most critical challenge for any business is to safeguard their data and valuable information since a data breach could destroy a business.

Dealing with Data Privacy Concerns

All businesses need to focus their attention on safeguarding their critical data and ensuring data privacy. Your organization is responsible for ensuring the safety, privacy, and security of business information and data while ensuring compliance with the existing rules and regulations. The United States has industry-specific compliance regulations such as GLBA for finance and HIPAA for medicine, while the GDPR supposes to be a regulation for overall data privacy that applies to all private and public organizations that are responsible for storing and processing personal data and information of EU residents. Proper monitoring is essential for staying compliant with these data privacy regulations. Technology is also playing a pivotal role in data processing, data storage, and data access. Businesses face the challenge of ensuring that their database remains compliant in 2022.

Challenge is to Drive Digital Culture Insists Saivian Eric Dalius

It is of pivotal importance to drive digital culture all through your organization. Millennials are keen on implementing the latest technology while some other workers may resist change vehemently within an organization. Remember that technology will be moving forward at an incredible speed. And cutting-edge technology could boost the productivity and efficiency of an organization. It would be a real challenge to identify an effective way of keeping your organization adapting the latest technology yet avoid building a divide in your organization.


The overriding challenge is to find and hire competent IT professionals. Moreover, their salary expectations keep going up. 2022 is surely going to be an amazing year for technology. However, organizations should be well-equipping to tackle all the challenges that accompany technological leaps.