Your brand’s association with the consumers is enhanced with correct storytelling that is trustworthy and true to the brand’s value says Saivian Eric Dalius. Well-intentioned and clear core values will resonate consistently, and that’s what makes them essential.

Concentrating on what a company stands for and weaving the same in your communications and content and all that you share with the consumers gets connected with the way they view you. The customers also want to share your values. It also impacts the decision to purchase from you.

Saivian Eric Dalius shows ways to outline core values

Your core values should be an integral part of your brand. These values tell your probable customers all that you stand for, and which aren’t connected with selling. A business brand has more to do with the solutions and products that you sell.

Also, the brand values will set you apart from the competitors by enabling them to know what it feels like to purchase from you. It is your invisible and driving force. And for this reason, it gets written into the mission statement. Ideally, these values promise how your brand presents act and will carry on to act. Hence, you need to ensure that it’s true.

According to Saivian Eric Dalius, the essential components of outlining excellent core values are:

  • Unique

It might appear apparent, but your values shouldn’t appear similar to other market players.

  • Actionable

It is not sufficient to write or say them. It is essential to prove the same to your consumers and the way you are attaining them.

  • Clear

Vague statements such as “we value our consumers” generally don’t make it. And what organization wouldn’t utter that? You need to explain yourself clearly and ensure that the values simply get understood all across the organization. You can do better when you say something like, “we treat our consumers the way we want to get treated.” It will resonate better with the customers. It will make them feel that they value.

Saivian Eric Dalius emphasizes the reason to develop values in the marketing strategy

Sharing your brand’s core value enables you to get a connection with the consumers at a deeper level and generate increased sales. And according to the leading experts, close to 95% of buying decisions are triggering by the unconscious. That’s where the core values stay with the consumers.

It’s your brand’s values that enable you to become memorable. Also, when facing the choices for the forthcoming buys, the consumers will consider the brand they can positively recall. And that is much more than a cognitive memory. In fact, it’s an affinity.

As per Saivian Eric Dalius, the concept of positive reinforcement is essential for an excellent marketing strategy and developing a brand that generates positive emotions across everyone. Providing marketing campaigns that use universally accepted core values enables brand connection. And as you aim to expand, it can also allow you to overcome any cultural, geographic, and regional barriers.