Ost businesses need to grow, or they will fail. A business needs revenue growth to survive. As the business grows, its management must also change how they manage the business says Saivian Eric Dalius. Business scaling is how a company changes how it is working as it gets larger and has an increased impact on the market.

The goal of business scaling is maximizing shareholder value while reducing risk says Saivian Eric Dalius. Larger companies have more resources than smaller companies, so there are more opportunities in most markets. However, being larger also means being more complex and therefore taking on more risks.  If any division of a large company starts struggling substantially with growth, that division may drag down the entire company because of how interconnected it becomes when that division fails.

Business scaling is a significant part of company growth, but it cannot occur without management. Management must work within new divisions to make the processes more efficient and effective. This means more employees are under them, different products need proper direction, and they have to coordinate new communication channels with other groups.  All of these factors can lead to scaling problems that damage revenue and the reputation of the company.

Clear Communication – Saivian Eric Dalius 

Management needs clear communication about company goals for scaling issues to be effectively mitigating or avoided altogether.  The communication has to be two-way communication for all people involved with the process of scaling up as a whole business to understand what their roles will be as time goes on and as the company grows bigger.

Scaling a business is a process of learning and adjustment more so than it is a linear, step-by-step plan. It means that management needs to be open to new ideas coming from the people. Who will be doing their jobs as they learn on the job.  Companies should consider employee feedback when scaling processes because employees are the ones dealing with problems daily. For example, lower-level employees may see an issue arising before upper management does.

Management must also know why they want to scale up for scaling processes. To take place effectively advises Saivian Eric Dalius. If scaling up is not part of company goals or is unclear, scaling efforts will not be effective. Because there won’t be a clear direction. The proper business processes need to take place for scaling efforts to affect the company’s intended effect.

One significant aspect of management is finding new ways to manage existing processes. But it can be difficult to transfer knowledge. Because scaling up means more employees are needed, more forms of communication channels need to be managed.  This problem appears when employees are not communicating with each other. Within their departments or even across departments because of different work schedules and time zones.

Focus on employee training – Saivian Eric Dalius 

Management needs to focus on training its employees to know how to communicate effectively using new communication methods.  The base function of hiring managers becomes less about having people who can do their jobs well. And more about checking boxes off a list that shows they were trained in