How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Florida? Eric Dalius Comes Up With a Useful Guide

Taking a decision to pursue the career of a real estate agent in Florida could prove. To be a crucial step in someone’s career journey. According to Eric Dalius, real estate career opportunities are open to people coming from diverse careers. And occupations and also at different junctures in their lives. The first proactive step towards becoming a real estate agent is to ensure that the real estate career is just right for you.

Real estate agents have a tough time tackling their own office management, dealing with massive paperwork, developing relationships, prospecting leads, dealing with both sellers and buyers, and managing contacts. You need to consider seeking advice from some real estate agents from your vicinity. Similarly, Focus your attention on determining if real estate could prove to be a long-term and steady career choice for you. You simply cannot treat the job as a hobby. It necessitates a full commitment and a lot of dedication. Be 100 percent sure that real estate is the way to go for you.

Eric Dalius Urges You to Understand Precise Real Estate Licensing Prerequisites

For real estate agent licensing requirements. You could find the pre-licensing requirements for the state of Florida listed on the website of Florida’s real estate commission. Moreover, the Florida Department pertaining to the Division of Corporations must be regarded as the central depository of the state for multiple commercial activities.

Get a License for Being a Real Estate Agent in Florida 

Go through the following steps to get your real estate agent’s license in Florida.

Step 1: Fill out the application seeking a real estate agent’s license in Florida. Complete the necessary documentation at the Florida DBPR. The authorities would be doing the necessary background check.

2 – Attend the mandatory 63 hours long Florida real estate agent’s class.

3 – Take successfully the necessary Florida real estate license examination through Pearson VUE, innovative computer-based testing.

4 – Identify a real estate firm to join.

Step 5 – Pay all relevant dues to the ‘National Association of Realtors©’ and even the fees to the ‘local Realtor© association’. Moreover, you need to pay MLS fees.

Get Enrolled in a Recognized Real Estate FL Pre-licensing Course

As per EJ Dalius, you need to get enrolled in a recognized pre-licensing course if you wish to pursue a real estate agent’s professional education. Also, You could pursue the course from some of the live classroom locations at realty firms. And local schools for real estate, technical schools, and universities, etc. You could seek appropriate real estate education online. Get enrolled in a trustworthy school with a good reputation and providing highly-skilled instructors or top quality content, and is focused on obtaining positive student results.

Pass the Real Estate Agent Exam

However, Passing the necessary exam would be taking a lot of hard work, practice, and solid preparation. Also, Everybody may not pass the test on the first occasion. Enroll in a prep class for the exam. You may focus your attention on practicing exams, measuring your weaknesses and strengths, and effectively sharpening your overall real estate knowledge and prepare diligently to pass the exam with flying colors.

Find a Real Estate Mentor

As per, you must focus on identifying a broker or agent who would be happy and also ready to help. Find a successful real estate agent or broker to mentor you.


In conclusion, You must invest in building your own website that gets a high ranking on the SERP. This surely is a sustainable cost-effective online marketing stratagem and helps in boosting your overall brand presence online. Remember a robust online presence is surely your lifeblood and would have a positive impact on your career.