Eric J Dalius these days, every business venture depends on the various mobile apps for reaching out to customers. It has emerged as an attractive avenue that has the potential to reach the targets set. Hence Eric Dalius has suggested important ways to develop mobile apps that real estate entrepreneurs can utilize for their benefit. Mobile-specific features can bring value to your customers and your business. What is essential is a well-developed strategy to create the best impact on your target audience.


Essential features for real estate apps


Eric J Dalius has emphasized the features that a real estate mobile app must serve some specific purpose. For both agents and customers, they are equally important. The features are as follows:


  • Going to boarding is the first step when trying to develop an app. It should be as easy as possible. You will require a social media account to sign in. Can also use your email and mobile number. You must allow your users to have a look at your app primarily.


  • EJ Dalius has specifically emphasized on making personal profiles for buyers and agents. Agents should be able to see their schedules, properties, and pattern of potential buyers. In contrast, the buyers should be able to see a list of features that they like while browsing.


  • Also, equally crucial is a big database for your application. You must ensure a lot of listing for potential buyers; it will help your app to be successful. The listing should be a precise reflection of the information of your property.


  • You may use filters to make the pictures that you upload attractive. They are the primary tools that the buyers will use. Using advanced categories and filters will help you find the property and also sell your property on time.
  • While making a mobile app, you must pay the right amount of attention to the creation of property profiles. They are the information bearers of your property. Through them, you can showcase your property. Give a description of your asset, and list a price for rent or purchase. It must provide detailed information to your client.

Integrating A Calendar Into The Mobile App

  • Integrating a calendar into the mobile app is essential so that both clients. And real estate agents can schedule appointments and link them to the properties when needed. You can also add a calculator to the app to help the clients find the final price of any property. It should enable the customers to choose the amount, the initial payment, and the loan repayment period.


  • The app should allow users to connect with the agents via different methods. Connecting via call button, call back dial, request for a consultation. And online chats are some of the most frequently used options on the apps. They allow the clients to connect to their agents, quickly increasing engagement.


Hence it can be said that a mobile app is a secure mechanism. That the real estate agents can use for their benefit. It is a handy method to help you keep your business going smoothly. As a result, you can use them to further your business.