Social media offers a powerful method for Miami businesses to reach out to their audiences engagingly and authentically. There is no other better way to promote your business and come across new customers while maintaining a restricted budget. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram all provide brands and companies in Miami the scope to connect with their target customers. Out of the entire social media mix, Eric Dalius says that Instagram has become an essential way for brands and businesses to embed themselves in the social and online world. Hence, it is necessary to know how Instagram can help businesses in Miami enhance their online presence.

Growing your business on Instagram

Eric J Dalius takes you through a few steps to growing your business on Instagram. Here are three basic steps that will help you to get started and expand your business.

  1. Developing the bio

The first impression is essential! Instagram has developed a landscape for competitive content where the user’s and follower’s attention comes with a cost. Several users might get casually drawn to your profile. And the business brands in Miami will have a few seconds to attract them to hit the follow button.

The Instagram bios don’t provide several scopes for customization. It is essential to choose a profile picture and a username that is closely associated with your brand so that people can identify with you. You will get the scope to add some clickable links in the description. Hence, leverage this space to install a good CTA (Call to action) to attract the users to your landing page or website.

  1. Share good content

When you are on Instagram, good content is essential! The entire platform got developed to bring visual content to the user’s eye so that your business grows and you provide high-end visual content. Today, the majority of mobile phones have good camera tools. You must click good and high-end pictures. Additionally, it is also essential to add crisp and unique content and captions with the images.

  1. Use the Instagram stories feature

What once used to be a platform developed on static images today has evolved into a thriving community of animated videos. The Instagram Stories function has become an excellent way to capture the audience’s attention. It’s a space for time-limited videos and images to appear on-screen for fifteen seconds and then vanish after 24 hours. Businesses in Miami can share giveaways and offers in Instagram stories to build a buzz around them.

That is not all! The businesses can save their best stories in the profile, preserving the promotions and add a different dimension to the webpage. The stories are essential! The averages show that close to 70% of people watch the business’s story when they ger made from seven to eight various uploads. Close to 70% of people view Instagram Stories till the end. It is a great scope to send a message and promote a product.

Instagram is becoming a leading social media channel for Miami businesses to dive in and market their service and product. The ways mentioned above are essential but will yield good results for brand promotion.