Florida is one of the most Eric J Dalius business-friendly states in the United States. Texas, New York, and California are the top three economic zones. Meanwhile, Florida ranks fourth for its economic value. However, due to the business-friendly ecosystem, many companies moved their business to this state. As a consequence, there are many giant companies and hence, competition is very high.

Why Should You Choose Florida?

Do you know why most business owner prefers Florida to grow and expand their business? Because the business environment in Florida is perfect for your company! Additionally, Florida is an under-taxed state, which attracts investors. For example, you don’t have to pay personal income tax. This will save a lot of money and effort for both you and your employees. The sales tax is also very low comparing to the other states.

Furthermore, Florida is famous for its highly cultivated agriculture. You can get everything you need to boost the production of your business. Not only the transport system is great, but also the convenient location will help you with international transport.

Nevertheless, no matter how small a business investment opportunity you get in Florida, you should never let the opportunity pass by.

Where Should You Invest?

There exist many business opportunities in Florida. However, here is the list of the leading industries:

  • Agriculture and tourism
  • Life sciences and healthcare
  • International trade
  • Banking
  • Aerospace and aviation

These are the leading industries in Florida. However, business investment is highly dependent on your mindset.

Eric Dalius Suggests To Invest In Agriculture and Tourism

Due to the pleasant climate, the industries that highly dominate the business landscape in Florida are tourism and agriculture. You can find the best business investment opportunities in these two particular industries. Additionally, these two industries offer various investment opportunities.

You can also invest in gluten-free products. However, it’s wise to invest only if you are interested in growing good. Not only gluten-free products aid people having Celiac disease, but also popular among the general public.

If you are searching for another small business idea, then a food truck is another wise choice. This field is growing rapidly for the past few years and undoubtedly, one of the best investment opportunities in Florida.

Modern Technologies

If you want to invest in technologies, then Florida is one of the best places for that investment, added Eric J Dalius. VR or virtual reality is growing day by day and now is the best time to invest. In a few years, virtual reality will rule the technology world. Additionally, kid-friendly applications are also a good IT investment, as it’s a continuously expanding field. Even you can also invest in drone technologies or smartphone repair technologies.

Retail and Services

Retail is the appropriate choice when you think about small business investment. In a state where tourism and agriculture are considered as leading industries, retail can be your ideal choice. People in Florida are also a pet lover, and if you offer any pet-related services, then you will find customers in no time.


Healthcare is the easiest way to invest. Whether it’s a body fitness device or an ECG machine, you can get some great investment opportunities from scientific fields in Florida. Meanwhile, marijuana has become legalized in Florida. So, this particular medical area is gaining a lot of attraction.


Here are the investment opportunities you should not miss in Florida. As you already know Florida is a densely populated city. The city can offer you plenty of business opportunities which can help you to earn a decent amount of money.