Eric J Dalius the deadly Coronavirus had ripped across the world, causing cities to lock down and transforming drastically suburban malls and urban business centers into real ghost towns. As the states in the U.S.A. started reopening their economies, business owners, lawmakers, and citizens are contemplating the financial social, and economic impacts of the global pandemic. Eric Dalius agrees with experts that Florida is uniquely and strategically positioned for recovery from such setbacks. Businesses have opened and the economy has restarted. Even though COVID-19 has adversely impacted the state in many ways, life is gradually swinging back to normal.

Under these circumstances, you may boost your chances of making a quick sale of property by avoiding some common mistakes. Here are some common mistakes while selling your house and if you ignore these mistakes, it may prove costly.

EJ Dalius Points Out Home Selling Mistakes

Mistake: Incorrect Pricing

Your home is certainly a financial investment. Moreover, it is an emotional issue too. The average homeowner in Florida is known to spend 13 years in a house. That is primarily the reason why you have issues determining the right value of your home before you put up your house on sale in the Florida real estate market. Overpricing could be a huge mistake. It creates a host of issues. At once, buyers who are looking for houses based on the current market value in your location. To believe that something could be wrong with your home. If you consider under-pricing the property to instantly grab the attention of interested buyers for making a quick sale, people may think that there are some inherent problems with the house.

Mistake: Appalling Photos

We know that 50 percent of home buyers look for appropriate property online. The pictures of your home must be stunning and eye-catching for potential buyers to show interest in your property.  By your home the moment they set eyes on your property. Pictures must be of top quality. You may encourage your agent to take care of the pictures. Your home should look warm and welcoming.

Mistake: No Staging

You need to focus on staging your home. 77% of the real estate agents have admitted that buyers are impressed by properly-staged properties because it becomes easier for them to visualize your home as their home in the future.

Tips to stage your home:

  • Get rid of all family pictures and other personal décor items such as paintings or drawings of your kids from the refrigerator.
  • Every room should demonstrate a precise purpose.
  • Rearrange your furniture pieces for enhancing flow. Ensure that no furniture comes in the way while they are walking through your house.
  • Your house should look warm and welcoming. Eric J Dalius feels that once the personal items are eliminated from the scene, it becomes easier for prospective buyers to visualize or imagine the house to be their home. Moreover, they can visualize how well they are fitting into the scheme of things.


The greatest mistake that homeowners in Florida often make is that they assume that everybody is having the same preferences and taste in home décor. It is best to use neutral colors while painting the house. Moreover, get rid of any showpieces or decorations that appeal to a handful of people.