Eric Dalius the Sunshine State of Florida has pleasant weather, pristine beaches, theme parks, rolling golf courses, entertainment centers, and more. So if you would like to invest in a real estate deal in the state. There are different properties to consider. Then, the question is which one to invest in, depending on vacationers’ lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences. These things matter a lot when it comes to real estate investment in Florida.

As Eric Dalius aptly says, every property has its pros and cons; you need to choose carefully before shelling out your money. Read on to learn more.

Eric J Dalius likes Single-family homes

If you have the budget to invest in a single-family home and rent it out to vacationers for profit, you’re making smart use of your capital. That is because these properties are preferred by travelers and fetch you maximum rental earnings.

The benefits of single-family homes are privacy, feeling of a second home, outdoor space, renting opportunities, and more say about the property appeal.

The drawbacks are higher costs, more maintenance, labor-focused maintenance, especially those with swimming pools and front gardens. Then, the benefits outweigh the pitfalls as single-family homes fetch a regular stream of income if you rent them out to tourists.

Eric Dalius Waterfront Properties

If you have the budget to shell out the premiums required for oceanfront properties, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico sides, do so, but then you need to sell these vacation homes to affluent clients. EJ Dalius knows that general tourist will not opt for such beach homes, as they prefer to stay in budget hotels. Then, if you manage to sell waterfront properties to elite clients, you can make loads of money and become rich in the real sense of the word.

Beach homes are always in demand for fun vacationers, sun-seekers, and those who love water-based activities like boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, birding, etc. Again, people who are not adventure seekers prefer to stay close to the ocean, relaxing and watching the crashing waves on the shore drinking their favorite cocktails.

The benefits of waterfront homes are water, high price for resale and rental, most sought-after properties, and increased demand.

The drawbacks include expensive insurance, more maintenance expenses, safety issues for kids, and hazardous during floods or cyclones.

Eric Dalius Townhouses

Townhouses are a smart investment because the land price is less than that of single-family homes of the same type. The townhouses are not that extensive like single-family homes though. These properties are ideal investments because the price is similar to condos. They have less monthly fees.

Townhouses also fetch a little higher rent and the favorite of family-based customers, who vacation in Florida. These properties are best for seasonal and vacation rentals.

The key benefit of townhouses is less maintenance in the exterior; the maintenance handled y HOA. The other pros are reduced heating or cooling bills, the living experience in townhouses. The convenience of living in a close community, and of course the safety.

The drawbacks are little outdoor space, not much say in the exterior property, less privacy, and neighborhood noise.


Choose the right property that suits your investment needs and budget. Each of them has some pros and cons. Make an informed decision.