Eric Dalius when you have a property or invest in it to rent out the same in Florida, it is a win-win situation. That is because Florida has stunning beaches, theme parks, golf courses, amusement centers, and more to delight tourists. Investing in some vacation home means multiple opportunities for lucrative secondary earning, as Eric Dalius has seen. Then, the competition is high, and therefore, you need to use the best ways to pique interest. You need to make the property appealing to people. You might be wondering how. Here is how:

Eric J Dalius thinks using proper lighting works

Your vacation home might not be sprawling, but you can always make the rooms looking too dull or small inviting, or warm by adding some lighting. Place three light fixtures in every room, precisely ambient, overhead, and task-specific lights, such as a standing lamp. You can make these additions at just $40 implying you do not need to spend too much.

Focus on lampshades because they help in making the rooms cozy and warm depending on the color. Warm shades work wonders but make certain these are not too dark. That is because you want some brightness in the rooms as well.

Eric Dalius Make the most of the wall space

Blank walls will make any property look dull and unfriendly. When you want people to stay in your vacation home for rent, you need to use mirrors, and artwork to make it look inviting. You can use local artwork, wall hangings, as well as painting to create the perfect milieu.

Choose stylish mirrors and those that fit with the overall ambiance of the rooms. The wrong color, shape, or measurements may steal your property’s aesthetic appeal. EJ Dalius knows this because he has worked as a marketing professional to help people to reap the maximum benefits out of a real estate deal.

Eric Dalius Emphasize space and flow

Huge pieces of furniture or too many knick-knacks will make your vacation home look cramped, rigid, and overpowering. When you post online photos of the rooms crammed with big furniture, bookings may get affected. Therefore, you need to develop a layout that accentuates space and makes navigation easy. If people have a feeling that a room has too little space to move around, they will not like to stay there.

Remove anything that reduces space or obstructs easy movement like pieces of furniture close to entryways. Again, choose flooring design carefully because a mix-and-match style will make the property look chaotic. Keep the design consistent to make your rental property look open, welcoming, and new.

Stay neat and organized

Staying neat does not just mean keeping the property clean. It means dedicating specific areas to pique interest. It could be a cozy reading nook with a hammock on the terrace overlooking the ocean. These additions will help in capturing the imagination of tourists. They can think about how they can relax on the hammock sipping delicious mocktails.


With planning and creativity, you can make your rental property stand out, for more bookings. Make the vacation home look inviting to your potential clients.