Eric Dalius says your South Florida property may not require snow removal and problems related to frozen pipes; it still needs some amount of maintenance periodically. More so, if you are planning to sell your house in the future for a better price. When a prospective buyer comes to tour the property for sale, he or she will inspect its structural integrity, wall paint, condition of bathrooms, and roofing system.

You will need to do a reality check of these elements and fix things to make your home attractive to potential customers. Here is how:

Eric J Dalius suggests you check the plumbing system

Your property’s plumbing is crucial for the health and wellbeing of you and your family. Though there are no freezing issues in Florida, you will find other plumbing challenges that could damage your bathroom and even the entire property.

Do a reality check of the plumbing system and look for leakages in water pipes, appliances, and faucets. Inspect the faucets in the guest bathroom as well, even if you do not use them. Check the exterior hose spigots because leakages in your house plumbing may result in spigots. Do not ignore or overlook such issues.

Once you are through with the testing of all spigots and faucets, take a tour of your property and look for any damp spots on the floors, walls, and ceilings. If you notice any damp areas, take the help of a professional plumber.

Service or fix your water heater when required

Your house water heater is the most essential appliance you use and calls for periodic inspection from experts. It will ensure top appliance functionality. Before prospective homebuyers come to visit your place in person, get your water heater checked and fixed, if necessary, advises Eric Dalius. Avoid assuming that prospects will not inspect the water heater. They will because investing in a home is huge money and so your potential customers will not take any risks.

Even if it has been serviced a year ago, ask for professional assistance to ensure that the water heater is functioning properly. These little things may seem trivial but matter much when you are putting your property for sale for a better price in the open market.

Maintain your cooling system each month

Your air conditioning system is important when you are selling your home. South Florida has scorching summer heat and therefore, buyers will look for a property with a cooling unit that is up and running.

Make sure you clean or change your home’s AC filters periodically, when required for comfortable living. Your prospective customers must feel comfortable in summer. You may need to change the air filters regularly to ensure uniform cooling of the entire house. If your AC is made for re-usable air filters, you need to clean them or replace them for efficient cooling of all the rooms in your home. Maintain or change the filters every month.


These are some of the property maintenance tips and tricks to help you sell it at a competitive price. Potential homebuyers will look into the structural integrity and other features before paying you and signing on the dotted line.