Eric Dalius shows the way forward to entrepreneurs who face common fears

Most entrepreneurs typically suffer from ‘ifs’ syndrome, like what could happen. If they cannot get customers and others laugh at them. What happens if the company fails? What would happen if the entrepreneur fails to earn the trust of customers? And the worst fear is about losing self-confidence, explains Eric Dalius, who himself has experienced the pains first hand during his lengthy career as a successful marketer.

When looking into the cause of fears, some entrepreneurs might suspect their abilities. However, it is common for humans to feel scared in various situations because fear is a natural human emotion. Moreover, since entrepreneurs take high risks and carry all the liabilities, it is natural to feel afraid.

Every entrepreneur must overcome these 5 fears to succeed in their business ventures.

Most entrepreneurs suffer from the fear of failure, feels Eric Dalius

The phobia of failing affects most aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those who are new.  While fear might make people feel terrible, it has some positive aspects as it can be a crucial part of the success of allowing entrepreneurs. To learn some good lessons from it. Failures are part of the journey for any successful people, and history is replete with such examples, especially for inventors who fail a thousand times before striking gold. Failure is not ultimate and only pushes you towards success if you discover its positive side by thinking about the worst-case scenario and whether you can absorb the shock and move on.

Fear of rejection

At some level, the fear of rejection can make entrepreneurs jittery. When approaching investors, you might worry that they would laugh at you, and even when seeking advice about starting a business, your consultant might suspect your abilities. Rejection is the worst thing that can happen. In business, you will face rejection but remember that you will receive the due encouragement only from the right people and not everyone.

Fear of uncertainty

We want to stay within our comfort zone by resisting change which is a natural human instinct. Since comfort is a known territory without any uncertainties, we love to stay within the boundaries. However, to go ahead in life, you must embrace change which exposes you to uncertainty hence causes fear that often dampens your spirit to step out from the comfort zone. Most common is the fear of the unknown, explains Eric Dalius, andit prevails upon you as long as you do not try to know the unknown. Moving forward to discover the unknown is the way to overcome fear.

Fear of incapability

Many entrepreneurs suffer from low self-confidence as they suspect their abilities. They struggle to believe that they can successfully get the business off the block because of some inferiority complex they suffer from.  Change the mindset by mastering your emotions and stop comparing yourself to others.

Fear of success

As you move ahead by overcoming the fears discussed so far, unknowingly, the fear of success will grip you. Having done everything, you remain skeptical about success. You start worrying about how your life will change after success.

Focus on the bright side of success, like the creative and financial freedom that should allow you to celebrate success.