Eric Dalius says though spring is the peak time to buy or invest in homes in South Florida. The sultry summer months are not that bad either. Even the market is slow; you can find a wonderful real estate business deal when looking for villa homes, apartments, or condos in summer. Your goal is to get the best home with spacious rooms, a kitchen, patio, double baths, and an outdoor garden or lawn. If you get a house with a pool, it is a bonus.

There are a few factors that you need to mull over when house hunting in the Sunshine State. Here are they:

Eric J Dalius asks you to avoid the rush hours of spring

When looking for sprawling oceanfront properties or apartment homes in summer. Especially during late July or the first week of August, it is possible to avoid the huge competition of other house buyers. When a few people are looking for a house in summer, you can afford a better bid with more confidence. This way, the property will remain available, as someone else will not bid for the same.

Take your time for house hunting

When you want to look for a new home in summer, it would take more time compared to some other season of the year. There are fewer inventories during the summer months and therefore, your real estate agent or the property owner. Will take more time to look for the right house or apartment to show you. Therefore, make sure you have enough time in your hands to find a home that suits your lifestyle, recommends Eric Dalius.

New homes are continuously entering the South Florida real estate sector. And, therefore, you need to show some patience to find your dream abode.

Settle before the holidays begin

When you house hunt in summer, make sure you settle into your new place before the commencement of the holidays. This way, you will have time for moving in, decorations, and become familiar with the new property. The time before the holidays is the best choice for house-hunters in the state.

Look for homes in several neighborhoods

Summer is an ideal time to look for South Florida properties in several neighborhoods and find a perfect area for your loved ones. Summer is also the best time for activities and community events to give you a better sense of the neighborhood.

Bargain for a better price

Since summer is not the peak time for real estate deals, you have limited choices compared to springtime. Then, you have an opportunity to look for a home at a negotiated price and with full remodeling. You will find a better home at a bargained price that needs some renovations, or a property in your preferred neighborhood with a traditional kitchen.

When you manage to invest in a property at an affordable price, you can do some renovations yourself and personalize your home depending on your budget.


Work with an experienced real estate agent to find your dream home in South Florida. Make sure it fits your living needs, budget, and is close to schools, markets, and amusement centers.