Eric Dalius new home upgrades can increase the value of your Floridian property. If you would like to sell it in the future. You can improve the condition of the house, its size, features, and usable space so that you can make more money from a real estate deal in the sunshine state of Florida. Eric Dalius is a successful marketing professional and knows the value of home upgrades like improving the living area, outdoor space, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even the attic. In this article, you will read about the best home upgrade ideas for a lucrative business deal.

Eric Dalius feels optimistic about adding a second story

When you plan to resell your home, usable space and size are two key aspects to mull over for a profitable deal. A prospective buyer may look for a two-story villa and ready to pay you well if you make this upgrade. These days, people prefer sprawling homes to live in style and comfort.

If you want to integrate new construction and improvement to add more to the resale value. A the second story is a smart idea. You can build a custom home if you want to sell the property to a family with growing kids. Once you make a successful deal and receive the money in your bank account, you can move to your new house in the days to come.

Quality matters

It’s the quality of your home that piques customer interest. These include modern appliances, durable flooring, a modular kitchen, a master bedroom, and things like that. EJ Dalius emphasizes quality when it comes to a modern home upgrade.

A prospective buyer will not like to use an outdated kitchen, wall paints fading, cracks on the floor, and non-functional kitchen appliances. If you make these upgrades, it will pay off in the days to come when you try to put your house for sale in the open market.

The more you invest in home remodeling, the better the pay off shortly. Then, make quality upgrades for a better deal. Do not forget to add energy-efficient lighting systems and first-rate countertops.

Ensure natural lighting

Florida is blessed with abundant sunshine and so if sunrise filters via your windows early in the morning, it feels great. Yes, you need to ensure natural lighting to illuminate your rooms. This way, your entire house looks inviting, warm, and uplifts your mood. Natural lighting is best for your home on sale and therefore, you should spend on first-rate windows. If a huge tree is blocking the sunlight, cut a few branches to let natural light enter the rooms.

Figure out the strategic position of the windows, if you need to reinstall windows, do so for enough natural lighting. Opt for modern, classy, weatherproof windows.

When your potential buyers notice these improvements, they will appreciate it. It shows that you have maintained your home very well. Your home on sale must look comfortable and worth living in it.


Keep these ideas in mind if you are planning a home upgrade for a lucrative business deal. Make it spacious and inviting for people to pay the right price.