Business owners and marketers in Miami know that they can’t convert every customer that arrives on their website. Some people will add items to their online shopping cart and will leave without completing the purchase. On average, most businesses in Miami witness 68% of cart abandonment. According to Eric Dalius, half of the people who make it to the checkout page will leave before they click on the payment form’s submit button. It might appear very alarming at first. However, there is some good news as well. Here are several ways businesses can optimize the eCommerce checkout process.

Is your business’s abandonment rate more than average? If yes, then you need to enhance and fine-tune the checkout page. In this article, Eric J Dalius reveals a few essential strategies to help businesses in Miami minimize abandonment and maximize sales.

  1. Avert the payment page distractions

According to the latest research, eliminating navigation links can lead to double conversions. And links, customers can stay focused on placing an order. Do you want people to stay and complete their orders? If yes, consider eliminating distractions present on the payment page.

When businesses want their users to concentrate on essential parts of a website, such as payment forms and landing pages, they need to eliminate the links present on other areas of the website.

For example, some business owners in Miami add their recent blogs in the website’s sidebar. It is one of the best ways to get more users to engage with the content and spend more time on the website. However, it can decrease the conversion of added to the checkout page. It is essential to keep these basics in mind.

  1. Eliminate unexpected costs

The unexpected costs are one of the crucial reasons customers abandon the virtual shopping cart. You can maximize the sales if you stay consistent with the pricing from when a customer aims at a product in the checkout process.

The extra costs come in various ways.  You can resolve this issue by urging the users to sign-up for an account to add their local taxes in the cost before it gets added to the item. Shipping costs also result in cart abandonment. One of the ideal solutions for this problem is either providing free shipping for every order depending on what the consumer spends. You need to ensure that you allow the users to know each product page about the shopping policy.

  1. Simplify the form

It is essential to simplify the payment form!  It means they will not get back and complete the order. There are a few ways to resolve this issue. You will first need to go through and ensure that specific fields on the forms stay optional. You need to think about the details that are essential and only make them mandatory.

These are a few ways using which you can resolve the issue of eCommerce checkouts and increase profits.