The hospitality industry is coming up with unique and innovative ideas to cater to the various demands of the customers says  Saivian Eric Dalius. In today’s world, people are burdened with stress and are having a tough time coping up with their lifestyle. Long working hours, meeting deadlines, performing well all the time, and lack of adequate rest have added up their burdens. To get a temporary respite from all of these, people look for places to visit where they can unwind for some time. They want to get rejuvenated and gather the energy to join the hustle and bustle of their monotonous life again.

The hospitality industry has understood these needs and accordingly has taken up measures to introduce many new inclusions to keep their guests happy. In this article, we will also discuss those trends it has adopted in recent times to attract more travelers.

Efforts observed to capture bookings

To ensure a regular booking in the hotels, they have introduced –

  • Booking through mobile or app
  • Spreading of information through the various social media platforms
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Technology in every field possible
  • Enriching travel experience
  • Transparency in money matters

Wellness travel is the need of the hour: as observed by Eric Dalius Saivian

The renowned entrepreneur, Eric Dalius Saivian, has observed that the hoteliers are paying attention to the mental and physical well-being of the guests. Moreover, Wellness travel is one of the biggest trends observed in recent times in this industry. People are spending money to go to a place of their choice and regain their mental as well as physical wellness. Since the overall well-being is the focus for them, the hoteliers have made many alterations to their menu. They have included wholesome organic foods for health-conscious people. Regular health check-ups (like blood pressure and blood sugar levels) have also been arranged for the people who might need them.

Other unique things that have impressed the new-age travelers

  • Stop smoking retreats 

It has been introduced for those who desperately want to quit smoking but cannot do it all by themselves.

  • Yoga retreats

People looking for physical wellness can book their holidays based on the scheduled yoga sessions that a particular hotel might be offering.

  • Family retreats

In the busy schedule of daily life, many of us do not get the time to spend quality time with our family members. Also, a holiday only meant for spending some good time with everyone has become quite popular among travelers.

  • Emotion healing holidays

People are now aware that a healthy mind is equally important to have a healthy body. So, they are opting for emotion healing holidays to combat all the mental turmoil they might be facing.

  • Detox holidays

Due to the lack of time, often we indulge ourselves too much in junk food. But at times when we remind ourselves that we must eat well to live well, all we want is to go for a detox holiday.

  • Workplace team-building holidays

Team-building by taking a whole team of employees on holiday is a recent trend that every alternate company is organizing.

  • Eco-friendly retreats

Who wouldn’t want to spend time in the lap of Mother Nature? The calmness one can get from such a holiday is divine.


The awareness regarding overall well-being is increasing among us. However, In the future, we are sure to come across many other unique ventures waiting to be introduced by the hospitality industry to please its guests.