Eric Dalius are you planning to sell your home in Florida, especially South Florida, fast? If so, then you are reading the right article. You need fast cash and a lucrative business deal. Marketing expert Eric Dalius has many years of experience. And so can help you with some ideas for selling your Floridian property quickly without abnormal delays.

You will learn what you should do to expedite the real estate sale. You do not need to lower the price of your home just because demand is less. There are different ways to sell your property quickly but without reducing the price. Here is how:

Eric Dalius thinks repairing your house is mandatory

You may want to sell your Floridian property for numerous reasons. It could be an inherited house but grown old and needs repair. Then, remodeling your home will cost you loads of money. Then, you need to prioritize what you should repair and what to avoid. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. When it comes to stylistic changes like living room carpets and wall decorations. They are not that essential when compared to structural repairs for the safety of the property.

Check whether all windows, doors, and stairs are functional without any cracks or structural damages. Buyers showing interest in your property will want a safe house to live in with structural integrity before they invest.

Clear all clutter from the house

Before you show your house to potential buyers, make sure you clear all clutter so that people can imagine themselves in your home. EJ Dalius suggests removing a couple of furniture pieces to make your rooms look bigger. Make sure you remove all family photo frames from the wall as well as personal things when buyers come to inspect your property.

If you have the budget, hire a home stager to present your property in a better way to make it look inviting. As far as staging costs are concerned, it will cost you from a few hundred dollars for a fundamental fee to thousands of dollars, especially if you have neutral furniture while showing your house. To be candid, stagers make your home look more presentable, and therefore, hiring a stager makes sense.

Know your property value

When you would like to release the burden of mortgage loans, you want to sell your house as quickly as possible and fetch the best price for the same. If you have a loan against the property, the homebuyer negotiating the price will need to mull over the mortgage loan into the property value.

You will need to know about the property value considering all repairs, loan cost to sell your house as fast as possible.

Enhance the curb appeal

Many sellers do not pay heed to the exterior of a house especially curb appeal. Remember that the first thing a potential buyer notices is the curb and how it gels with the rest of the neighborhood. Paint the home exterior with a fresh coat and ensure all plants and bushes are trimmed and in shape.


Use these tips to sell your home in the sunshine state quickly and at a better price. Prioritize repairs to ensure the safety of the property.