Eric Dalius says, South Florida properties look stunning, much-coveted, and the best choice for your home sweet home. Therefore, if you are contemplating relocating to this part of the Sunshine State and hail from a region with quite different climatic conditions, you must learn about the essential features of a new home. Some of these features keep your property protected, while the rest let you take delight in the wonderful climate and abundant sunshine of Florida.

So if you want to save yourself the house-hunting time, money, and effort. When looking for a property, here are features you need for your new home in South Florida:

Eric J Dalius likes homes with patio space

The key reason why people like to stay in South Florida is due to its incredible weather. So if you invest in a home with a spacious patio, where you can relax and chat with your loved ones. Taking delight in the outdoors and that too from your home’s comfort, a convenient extension of your South Florida property.

Imagine sipping a steaming cup of tea and savoring breakfast on a sun-drenched day right under the open sky. You can also decorate your patio with potted plants and flowers. Make the most of your living amidst greenery by purchasing a home with a beautiful patio.

Ensure the property has hurricane shutters or impact windows

Florida is prone to high winds, hurricanes, or cyclonic storms creating havoc on life and property. Therefore, look for a home that features hurricane shutters or impact windows to protect you and your family from rough weather. Eric Dalius has seen homes close to coastal areas in the state inundated with water. So invest in a property with hurricane shutters to keep water at bay as well as guard it against flying debris.

Buy a home with a pool

A home in South Florida is not complete if it does not have a swimming pool. Though the sunshine is enjoyable on the beaches, the scorching heat of the sun is not during the day. Therefore, with a pool, you can take a cool dip and have a splash with your family and kids. Most properties in South Florida come with pools. Enjoy some privacy with an in-built pool with your spouse while taking a refreshing dip.

Look for long-lasting blinds

Though curtains and draperies do well in other US states, blinds are essential if you are planning. To invest in a new home in South Florida. That is because this state has abundant sunshine throughout the year and so you need to keep too much sunlight away by investing in a property with durable blinds. Make sure all the windows have these blinds, especially wooden slat blinds to keep away excessive heat. Avoid choosing plastic blinds, as these are not that effective. Slat blinds last longer than the plastic counterparts no matter if you have kids and pets around your house.


Now that you know what features to look for in a South Florida home, buy one that has all of the characteristics. Stay happy and enjoy your family moments in your new home.