Eric Dalius investing your resources in real estate in Florida is supposed to be a safe and profitable investment avenue. A wise investment could potentially transform your entire life and career by producing healthy returns, however. A bad investment could adversely impact your property’s future potential. Even though many people in Florida feel that real estate investment is complicated and confusing. There are certain precautions to keep in mind to achieve success in the industry and establish a niche for you. Eric Dalius helps you identify some of the common real investing mistakes that you must essentially avoid forging ahead of the rest in the Florida real estate investment business.

If you are just initiating your career in the real estate investment business, you cannot hope to become an expert as if by magic. You can successfully buy and sell properties now but you need to gather more experience, knowledge, and skill to win a competitive edge. Knowing some of the common real estate investment mistakes could help too. Here are some Florida real estate investment pitfalls.

Eric J Dalius Highlights the Florida Real Estate Pitfalls

Mistake: Not Having a Pre-Determined Plan By Eric Dalius

The last thing you should think of doing is buying a house and then deciding. Later on about what to do with the house. When the market seems tempting, it is difficult for you to refrain from buying. However, it is of pivotal importance to have a perfect investment stratagem. In place before investing money and getting a mortgage. You must understand the kind of house you wish. To buy, for instance, multi-family home or one-family home, or a vacation home. You need to, first of all, figure out a precise purchase plan and then start. Your search for properties in Florida that suit that plan.

Mistake: Not Doing Your Proper Research

While identifying properties for investing in, you need to conduct meticulous research. EJ Dalius feels that this is the most crucial step, but unfortunately, this is often overlooked. If you do not do adequate research about the Florida real estate scenario, the current trends, the current pricing scenario. And the kind of houses to focus on, you would fail and end up getting average ROI or even a dead investment. It is critical not only to study Florida in general but also to do ample research on the upcoming projects. In the specific city in Florida, the builder’s history, civic amenities, the precise location’s capital appreciation, resale value, rental yield, etc.

Mistake: Not Keeping in Mind That Real Estate Is Pretty Much Local

You must do thorough research on the precise local market you are focusing on. On while making purchase decisions and hoping to enjoy profits. If you are doing real estate investing in the Tampa region in Florida, focus your full attention on the specifics of that area. Even though it pays to know the bigger picture, it is of vital importance to know the slightest real estate details of the area you are dealing with. Find out home values, land values, demand and supply issues, levels on inventory, etc. all information. From the perspective of Tampa if you are operating your real estate business there.


Most novice real estate investors do not start with a pre-determined or well-defined plan. However, they must focus on analyzing their budget and cash flow projections before doing any kind of investing. You must ideally, initiate your investment process by determining a tangible goal or what you are aspiring to achieve from this investment.