Eric Dalius globally and nationally, Florida has been one of the powerful commercial property markets. Bringing super returns and safety for local and worldwide investors. Eric Dalius cites that South Florida commercial properties lead the path with support from tax-friendly rules. Solid growth of population, touristy locations, and most essentially unique development projects.

The population growth, tourists visiting south Florida from different parts of the world, and promising real estate properties in the region give you many reasons to invest in vacation homes in the Sunshine State. Here is why:

Eric J Dalius talks about business and population growth

According to experts, Florida’s population would reach. The six million mark with the next 10 years and total more than 26 million by the year 2030. The population of Miami-Dade County now has 2,751, 796 people there, and it is the seventh-largest county in the US behind Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, and others. Miami is also known to have the sixth fastest-growing populated region in the US.

Miami stands eighth when it comes to business development since the year 2010 and 18th as far as wage growth is concerned. Both the figures outpace the US average, which is 0.7 percent and 0.9 percent respectively.

Florida’s economy and constancy

Florida stands 2nd when it comes to economic constancy and 9th as far as economy compared to the entire US. EJ Dalius thinks that real estate investment is promising in Florida because of its optimistic liquidity score. Yes, it is 5.8, which is the total current assets/total current liabilities. Which is greater than two times the US average that is 2.5.

The Floridian economy stands 9th due to employment growth as well as venture capital. The state ranks 3rd in the entire US when it comes to employment growth. With 1.9 percent job development every year to the US average comprising to 1.2 percent.

Business incentives

The Sunshine State of Florida appeals to businesses for multiple reasons. There is no personal income tax, estate, or inheritance tax, and so entrepreneurs and investors prefer to invest in Florida to lessen their tax obligations.

Based on the findings of Chief Executive Magazine, Florida is the second rate state when it comes to business. As per the Tax Foundation, it is the number one state for a favorable tax climate. Again, Kiplinger stands 4th in the US. These are the reasons why 20 percent of American businesses that export products are based out of Florida.

For bolstering further, Florida’s status when it comes to personal investments and taxes, are favorable. According to, the state ranks 5th and is the most tax-favorable state when it comes to retirement. Again, Kiplinger stands 5th, moving from 8th rank for a similar category.

Several factors such as tax rates, living costs, and average income make Florida the most favorite for personal and business finance. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in commercial real estate, South Florida is your best bet.


Now that you the favorable reasons to invest in commercial real estate in South Florida, what are you waiting for, huh? Buy properties in touristy spots and make money.