You will find several waterfront property throughout Miami Beach and so if you are contemplating buying one of these plush riverside homes, there is nothing like it. Then, you need to do a little research because a home inspection of a waterfront property is a bit different compared to any standard home in Florida. Why Miami, there are other places in the Sunshine State with awesome waterfront homes.

According to an article published on, if you have the budget and always wanted to buy the waterfront house on Crystal River, you need to look elsewhere because the property has already been sold for a whopping $2.295 million, which is the most exorbitant property sale in the last few years in Florida. Here are some of the things to keep in mind before investing in a waterfront home in the Sunshine State:

Eric J Dalius recommends talking to neighbors first

Start by talking to people living close to the property to figure out any issues the house may have. Inquire about saltwater problems, pests, erosion, and construction problems, and of course the overall condition of the waterfront home. You should also talk to neighbors who lived there for many years, if not several decades, is feasible.


Before investing in a waterfront property in the Sunshine State. Ensure there aren’t any termites and other pests, often found in riverside homes. These pests can create havoc on an expensive property and damage its base as well as the woodwork. EJ Dalius says that when you are investing several thousand dollars or millions on a property, a home inspection about pests is mandatory.

There are other issues like carpenter bees. You may find in holes or the property siding or foundation of the home. Make sure that these holes are blocked properly and nests destroyed before. You start living in the waterfront property or rent it out to tenants.

Inspect boat docks and seawalls

Did you know that a seawall is universal in most waterfront homes in the Sunshine State of Florida? Seawalls could be made of vinyl, concrete, aluminum, or steel. These components are an essential part of your beachfront home and beneficial because they are effective in controlling water and coastal erosion.

Before buying the property, ensure that seawalls, docks. And boat lifts are strongly built. Waves and water, as well as maintained in the right way regularly.

You may also find a boat dock and based on the boat size it can go with. It could be a couple of feet or 20-30 feet. This way, the dock offers an easily accessible and secure spot to park the boat so that swimmers. And jet skiers can access it and have fun. If you rent out a waterfront property with these features, you can make good money.


Keep these pointers in mind when you are planning to invest in a waterfront home or rent it out for a lucrative income. Buy a seafront or riverside home that is spick and span as well as well-maintained.