Eric Dalius are you contemplating selling your South Florida property, be it a villa, apartment, or condominium?  Then, you need to perk up your house so that it fetches a good sale price. Eric Dalius mentions that home staging is extremely significant because potential buyers will visit in person and take a tour of the property. If your house looks spick and span, it will create the first good impression on the minds of prospective homebuyers.

A shabby and unpleasant looking property will turn away buyers and so, here are some of the best tips to prepare your property for sale:

Eric Dalius wants you to focus on curb appeal

You need to enhance the look and feel of your home interior, true, and we will discuss that later in this article. Then, you also need to improve the curb appeal of your property on sale. It is also important to jazz up the exterior of your villa or house to impress prospective buyers.

The front garden or lawn should look clean and mowed. You would not like to see your lawn or garden overgrown with grass and weeds. Then, potential homebuyers will like to see a messy lawn or garden. Make sure the driveway looks fine to impress buyers. Clean all gutters, remove the trash, clean dirty spots outside, and apply a fresh coat of paint on your garden fence.

Keep your house spick and span

Presenting a spotlessly clean house is the most important step to pique buyer interest. Though this is the most obvious thing, many homeowners overlook it, EJ Dalius has observed. Besides sweeping, moping, dusting, you must also paint the shabby walls, clean windowsills, panes, carpets, rugs, and things like that.

Every nook and corner of your property should sparkle before prospective buyers come for a personal visit. Keep the bedroom clean, beddings spotless, and dust-free to create a good impression on buyers.

Pay more attention to the kitchen

The house kitchen is the heart of every residential property and for all the valid reasons. People spend much of their time here cooking delicious meals, the space being the central spot of any property. Therefore, keep the kitchen tiles spotless; get rid of oil stains, spills, and greases. Keep the countertop super clean, refrigerator doors wiped clean, and all kitchen appliances clean. The floor should be spick and span too.

Improve lighting and color

Before buyers visit your place for an inspection, replace old lighting, fixtures, and open all window blinds for more natural light. If your rooms are dark, visitors would be unable to see your property in its full grandeur. You need to replace old fluorescent bulbs with new, brighter LED varieties.

Bright shades might be your personal choice but not so for your prospective buyers. Avoid loud colors on throw pillows and window curtains. It is a big no. Choose subtle shades instead of neutral tones such as grays, blacks, whites, and tans.


Now that you have these house staging tips and tricks handy, it will become a tad easier to make your home presentable to potential buyers. Create the best impression to clinch a profitable real estate deal.