Eric Dalius when you are contemplating selling your South Florida house. Your major concern is a renovation to increase the resale price. Eric Dalius thinks that you need to fix only things that require renovation and not all features of your old property, which are fine. That is because remodeling costs thousands of dollars and so. There is no point in selling your property if you do not make a profit and most of the money goes into the renovation.

It is essential to learn what you need to repair as a seller without breaking your bank. Here are some of the useful tips to help you resell your Florida house to boost price:

Eric J Dalius asks you to decide on what you need to repair

Though home renovations do cost you, it is still essential to fix and repair without leaving the property as it is. More so, if you plan to put your house for sale in the Florida real estate market. Then, you need to fix important things. Therefore, instead of wasting your money on a new living room carpet, repair the doors and windows to ensure they work fine. Fix any plumbing issues, electrical wiring, kitchen tiles, and things like that. These problems are major turn-offs for potential house buyers than a dirty carpet.

Clean and mow your front lawn

One of the easy, cost-effective ways to renovate your home before you sell is keeping. The front lawn clean and mowed. It will show your prospective buyers that you care for the house. It is a smart way, according to EJ Dalius, to keep renovate your home and resell at a better price.

These are some of the grunt jobs that your buyer will not like doing. However, you can make your property look inviting from the outdoors as well. It helps in creating a better impression on your prospective buyers.

Learn what things not to repair

The problem with selective renovation is identifying. What to fix and what not to without compromising on the sale price of your property. There is no point in changing stuff that your buyer will change. Once he or she starts living in the house. For example, if you buy some expensive wall hangings and your potential buyer does not like them, it is no use including such décor items without knowing your buyer’s taste.

Spend money on painting the walls, replacing dirty kitchen tiles, or adding a new towel rack in the bathroom. These things matter to make your property look appealing to your potential buyers. Leave things that do not require renovation.

Research on sold properties in your neighborhood

Yes, do a little research on the properties sold near you. Check which of the features of those homes were changed and buyers found that interesting. It will give you some ideas about the things you need to repair for fetching a better price for your property.


Selling your house, making renovations, and ensuring a reasonable price for that property are not simple tasks. You need to invest in moderation without overspending so that you can clinch a lucrative real estate deal.