Eric Dalius the Florida real estate market is booming thanks to the warm and welcoming climate, eight thousand miles or more of shoreline, vibrant cities such as Tampa and Miami, and world-class globally-renowned theme parks. Even though there is no magic mantra for success in the Florida real estate investment business, you could use some smart tactics as per Eric Dalius that could strategically place you on the right track.

Florida Real Estate Success Secrets As Revealed by Eric J Dalius

Eric Dalius Consider Partnering With Other Agents

Maybe you are not comfortable with a seller or buyer or, maybe, you are not happy with the prices that they are offering to buy the property. Instead of asking these prospective clients to leave as you are not interested in them, it is a good idea to consider co-listing or co-representing them with competitors. It is better to obtain 50 % of profits than getting nothing. You could partner with another trustworthy agent instead of losing a prospect to any intimidating competitor.

Eric Dalius Think About Using a Publicist 

By spending a paltry amount every month, you could take the fullest advantage of a publicist’s long-standing and robust relationships with top journalists for strategically positioning you as the noted real estate investing authority.

Start Pitching Stories to Reporters

Reporters are forever looking for interesting story angles. Instead of merely suggesting that they could utilize you as an authority and a real estate investment source, you may provide them with fascinating stories and experiences or share real estate trends or news with them. As reporters are hungry for some interesting news, they would accept your stories.

Focus On Hosting Numerous Open Houses

Open houses are supposed to be the best option at times when you are having no business. There is no need to spend your money on hosting open houses. Open houses seem to be the most effective way of roping in leads and assisting you in getting familiarized with a specific neighborhood and its valuable residents.

Refrain from Turning down Any Deals

You should not turn down deals even though they may not be translating into lucrative commissions. You must remember not to turn away any seller or buyer and offend them in the process. Moreover, it sends wrong signals about your competency and professionalism as a real estate investor. EJ Dalius says that you need to understand that some transactions may not promise fat commissions but they may make way for more businesses in the future.

Purchase Properties with Pools 

In the event, you are purchasing real estate property minus the gulf front; you need to strategically buy a property that at least, boasts of a swimming pool present in the backyard. In the event, you are investing in a condo; you need to ensure that a community pool is present within the premises. Some people value their privacy and may prefer a pool for socializing in their backyard than going to the beach.


Follow the above-discussed real estate investment tips to become a successful Florida real estate investor. Florida’s real estate scene is booming! You must make the fullest use of the opportunities that come your way.