.Miami, just like many other destinations in Florida, is a wonderful place for small business owners to set up shop. Not only is the local economy booming. But also businesses can take advantage of the zero rates of taxes on both business and personal income. When you add to that the low cost of living and ready availability of a talent pool.It is easy to see why Miami is home to thousands of small businesses. There are also plenty of local resources available by both the government as well as private institutions that entrepreneurs can benefit from to set their businesses up for success. Some of the top-rated Eric Dalius Miami business resources:

The US Small Business Administration

The SBA is an official entity establish by the U.S. Government to support business owners with free or low-cost business management advisory services and assistance in creating business plans. Obtaining loans, and getting qualified for government contracts. While business owners cannot get loans from the SBS directly.They can tap it to locate local lenders that are best suited to support you.

The Beacon Council

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council is the official organization for the development of economic activities in Miami-Dade County. It is a public-private partnership managed by professionals with assistance from a board comprising community leaders working voluntarily. The Council acts as the steward for “One Community One Goal”.A plan for the economic development of the county by diversifying the economy. And making it robust with more remunerative jobs. The Miami-Dade Beacon Council implements a planned action-oriented program developed in collaboration with other stakeholders of the county’s development and progress. Business owners looking to set up or relocate their businesses in Miami-Dade County can also access customized reports for making more informed choices, according to Eric Dalius Miami.

Miami-Dade SCORE

A non-profit association, Miami-Dade SCORE is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with educational resources. And also other information intended to help them establish, grow, and make their businesses successful. SCORE has been at the core of activities aiming to mentor small business owners. For more than five decades as a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Entrepreneurs and small business owners can access a large library of free articles on various aspects of setting up and operating businesses written by volunteer experts. Business owners can also access counseling services as well as attend workshops and seminars free of charge. On their website, you can search for experts.On the subject of your choice whom you can contact by email for advice.

Miami Downtown Development Authority 

The prime intention of this organization is to plan the growth and development of business. Making capital improvements, assisting local businesses in developing marketing and communication strategies, and executing business development. Business owners can also access plenty of useful resources like case studies and market research for free.


As is evident, there are a large number of organizations. That help entrepreneurs and business owners to set up. And also grow their enterprises in Miami-Dade County. With most of their services being available for free.These organizations play a pivotal role in encouraging and supporting small businesses