You will find many cities in America that come with their one-off culture and flavor. Then, there is one city to takes its uniqueness to another level. Yes, we are talking about Miami known for its sandy beaches, stunning views, and thriving businesses. Eric Dalius Miami has been to this beach town, which is a spectacular collage of inimitable, eco-aware, historic, and sustainable businesses spanning across each district and industry. Therefore, if you are contemplating starting your business in this vibrant city, you need to learn about some of the unique and one-off businesses in Miami. Read on to learn more.


It’s a garment store just as any you find in cities. Although some shops walk the extra mile to make the world a better place to live in, Antidote focuses on increasing the customer footfall and getting more buyers through the door. The store believes in unique creating unique designs and letting that do all the work to pique customer interest.

When it comes to the USA clothing business, it is about fashion. Businesses like Antidote helps in reinforcing the employment of the country as well as boosting the local economy. Such stores also have some responsibility towards the community. These businesses focus on the environment, sustainability, fair trade practices, cultural heritage, and veganism to create a favorable business environment. This is possible when they take renewable energy, natural resources, as well as the longevity of their merchandise seriously.

Lulu in the Grove

Coconut Grove in Miami, as the locals like to call the place, is a major attraction for creative people and adventure seekers since the 1800s. Eric Dalius Miami wants you to know that Coconut Grove has created talents such as Robert Frost, Tennessee Williams, as well as Alexander Graham Bell.

When great talented individuals work closely, it results in great stores, environment, restaurants, cafes, and more. Lulu the Grove attracts numerous foodies of Miami, a restaurant offering food that is organic and sourced locally. The food is as fresh and healthy as the surroundings. The restaurant’s commitment to offering healthy food is what makes it stand out from the rest. You will love their fresh pastries, freshly baked bread, home-cooked salmon, and of course, one designer cocktails.

Sweat Records

If you happen to talk with the locals of Miami about staples, they will mention Sweat Staples. It started back in 2005 when two friends Reskin and Yousuf planned to kick-start something better than just a record store. They dreamed of starting a business for individuals to shop that was committed to all the things that make the beach city of Miami unique. The two friends succeeded in their endeavors but their journey was not a cakewalk.

There was a temporary relocation after the hurricane Wilma, Jason Jimenez too charge replacing Sara to make Sweat Records a business what it is to this day. It is a music shop, café, local community advocate, and event space.


Starting a small business in Miami is not simple as it sounds. Then, you need to have the interest, passion, and enthusiasm to brave the challenges and start your business in the beach city.