Eric Dalius the Sunshine State is the best destination. To head for if you wish to be a successful real estate investor. Many of you are concerned about the risks involved. And also leveraging some of the perfect investment opportunities. Eric Dalius points out that the first reason is the steady growth witnessed in the Florida job scenario. Unemployment rates are dipping consistently in Florida. Hence, numerous young and also qualified professionals come to the throbbing city looking for new career opportunities.

Obviously, it results in boosting the demand for and also the popularity of long-term rentals in Florida. A massive real estate development is the second reason why Florida is a booming real estate investment market. A rise in demand helps in boosting the supply. Real estate developers and also investors do not miss out on any opportunities for making money. Here are some of the best cities in Florida for real estate investment.

As per the expert findings of a Forbes report published earlier in 2019, Florida takes immense pride in having the maximum number of real estate investment-friendly cities in comparison to the other states of the U.S.A. We understand that in 2019, four out of the top ten cities in the United States for housing investment are from Florida, the Sunshine State.

Top Cities for Real Estate Investment Opportunities According to EJ Dalius

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The average rental price in 2019 was $2,122/month

The median home value in 2019 was $318,141

The above-mentioned statistics justify why people have a preference for buying as opposed. To renting in Fort Lauderdale in Florida all these years. Eric J Dalius says that it is forecasted that the home prices in Fort Lauderdale. Would be going up consistently in the years to come. It implies then that now is the right time for property investment.

Moreover, Fort Lauderdale has been the #1 city in Florida in terms of job growth. It means that more and also more job aspirants are flocking to the city and also searching for properties to call their home. Thanks to the absence of developable dry land, remarkable appreciation in current property values, and also a rapidly rising population are inevitable. Moreover, it would be quite a cakewalk while selling your property here.

Tampa, FL

The average rental price in 2019 was $1,829/month

The median home value in 2019 was $173,250

Tampa boasts of a hot housing market and is gaining traction by the day as numerous investors are putting in all their stakes here. Tampa Bay boasts of a robust rental market. It is one of the most popular destinations to buy a rental property in the entire state of Florida. Tampa Bay is a fast-growing metropolitan area with an incredibly busy downtown area, a plethora of tourist attractions, and also a host of eateries. Tampa, Florida is certainly one of the hottest and also in-demand real estate markets in the country in 2020. The housing market in the Tampa region has been identified. As the least vulnerable to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


Florida surely is the hot spot for real estate investment opportunities. There are many more cities in Florida apart from Fort Lauderdale and Tampa that are currently the best American cities for real estate investments. The Sunshine State is calling you. Go for it!