Eric Dalius when you are planning to sell your villa, apartment, vacation home, or condo in South Florida, preparation is the key to a successful business deal. Presenting your house to potential buyers matters much if you want to sell it at a good price.

Staging is extremely important these days because modern homebuyers are knowledgeable and do their research very well before plopping money on the table. Eric Dalius thinks that good impression counts when it comes to house staging for sale. In this article, you will learn about the ways to prep your South Florida home for sale.

Eric Dalius prioritizes cleaning the house

Though this may seem very evident, keeping your property for sale spick and span is very important. It does not mean just moping or sweeping the floor, trying dusting of furniture, and finishing your job, and relax. No, there is more to cleaning than you think. Cleaning means a thorough job including scrubbing baseboards, cleaning all windows, wiping the room walls, cleaning the carpets, and things like that. Make sure your house is dust-free and spotless before you stage it for sale.

Focus more on renovating the cooking space

The kitchen is that part of your abode where you cook meals and therefore, should be clean and hygienic. The cooking area is the heart of your villa or home. Make sure this space is in the best condition to impress prospective buyers, says EJ Dalius.

Ensure the countertop is clean, refrigerator doors wiped properly. All kitchen appliances functional, and cabinets clean and organized. A potential buyer will not like to see a messy kitchen with utensils, spoons, vegetable choppers, etc, not in their proper place.

Remove all personal belongings

When a prospective buyer comes to have a look at the house, he or she will try to imagine them in the property. Therefore, you need to remove all personal belongings such as family photos, kid’s toys, artwork, and knick-knacks before people come to have a look around your property for sale. It is important because homebuyers should have a feeling that someone else was living in the house.

Improve curb appeal

It is not only important to keep your house interiors prepped up but also the exterior of your house. Make sure your front garden or lawn is mowed, plants and shrubs trimmed, and leaves raked. You can even add some potted plants, colorful flowering shrubs to perk up your curb.

If you have a patio, keep all furniture dusted and properly arranged with proper seat covers. The outdoor space should look appealing and inviting to potential buyers. Any garden tools such as mowers must be kept out of sight of all buyers. Ensure that all gutters are clean, dirty spots cleaned, and fencing repaired.

Improve coloring

Use lighter shades for curtains, pillows, and covers in the living room. Gaudy and loud colors are a big no when it comes to house staging. You may like dark colors but not your prospective buyers.


These are some of the useful tips to help you prep up your home for sale to your prospective buyers. Keep the house clean, clutter-free, and organized for a lucrative deal.