Eric Dalius real estate is a fairly diverse and lucrative business option. This is why thousands of Floridians apply for real estate licenses annually. Business tycoon Eric J Dalius suggests that estate agents have a great deal of autonomy. Can work on their own terms, set flexible schedules, and earn a pretty penny while at it. If this is something that appeals to you, you will be pleased to know that real estate sales are far from the only avenue you can pursue if you can attain a Floridian real estate license.

EJ Dalius Explains Why You Need a License

One would think that a lot of commercial activities around real estate could be achieved by good networking. And word of mouth, but as per Statute 475.01(1) (a) in Florida, if you are demanding compensation. For performing any of the following activities, you must be a licensed real estate professional:

  1. Listing, advertising, auctioning or participating in the sale of another person’s property.
  2. Representing the interests of a seller during property purchase negotiations
  3. Acting as a broker and negotiating a property sale on their behalf
  4. Taking a lease or renting a property on behalf of either the lessee or the lessor while earning a commission for the same.

So you go ahead and get your license. Here are the top options for you to start a lucrative business in:

Registered Realtor/Real Estate Agency

It is, of course, the classic option for real estate license holders. You can become a full-fledged agent and even join the NAR or National Association of Realtors that will allow you to call yourself a Realtor. Adding significant credibility to your profile in exchange for your abiding by a binding code of ethics. And paying an annual membership fee.

Getting into Commercial Real Estate

Eric Dalius believes that no matter what industry you run a business in, you should be thinking big. The average real estate agent limits their business to residential sales because they’re easy to usually involve. Fewer parties while still having a neat commission. However, dabbling in industrial and commercial real estate is a great choice for the ambitious. The deals will be significantly more complex, and the negotiations equally fiery, but it is extremely fulfilling and will let you make way more money sealing far fewer deals due to the enormous property values you’re dealing with.

Property Management

Property managers are involved in the day-to-day management of rental properties on behalf of the owner. It’s not just apartments that you would be handling, since rental real estate is incredibly diverse, ranging from office complexes to golf courses and so much more. You could actually work on a salary or wage basis for a property management company even without a license, but it’s both more freeing and more lucrative to go your own way.

Investing in Real Estate

You don’t need a license to own property and flip it for profit, but if you do have one, it earns you a lot of knowledge about the market and also more flexibility, such as the ability to earn a commission on your own transactions by marketing your property on the Multiple Listing Service, among other things.


A real estate license is a highly attainable and flexible goal worth striving for. The market is here to stay and very open to new entrants. It is a smart investment in your future since the business opportunities it opens up for you are virtually endless.