Eric Dalius real estate investment seems to be a growing industry in Florida. More and more people are interested in starting a real estate investment agency here and enjoy a share of all the limitless promising returns offered. However, many real estate investment organizations fail quite often since they do not focus on legal factors. Eric J Dalius firmly believes that if you wish to succeed as a real estate investor in Florida, you must conduct meticulous research on all the factors that impact the real estate investment sector currently and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of real estate investment in Florida.

EJ Dalius Points Out the Advantages of Real Estate Investment in Florida

Investing in real estate in Florida has a very clear and obvious benefit. It allows you to diversify your investment portfolio. Stocks and bonds are effective investment vehicles, and the vast majority of people tend to limit themselves to them. However, real-estate is a time-tested option for investing. It lets you branch out into other kinds of investment, offering not only another channel. To put your money but also a geographical expansion option to diversify your investment. Meaning you can purchase properties wherever you’d like based on their perceived ability to hold or gain value.

Some other advantages of real estate investment are:

  • Dividends: It has a fantastic historical rate of return, even taking inflation into account.
  • Leverage: You can secure easy access to financing for a large portion of the purchase price. Since it is a well-established investment channel.
  • Tax advantage: While it varies greatly by the jurisdiction that oversees the property you would invest in. There are some benefits in terms of income tax as well as capital gains tax if you own real estate.
  • Solid equity increase: Over time, any credit you borrow for purchasing the property will be paid off, and the property. Will appreciate in value as well. It means your equity share accumulates over time.
  • Additional Value: If you invest in a property you believe in, the construction process can be a source of great joy to you. And if it’s a house you’ve built, there’s a wonderful vacation home just waiting for you if you need it.

 Some Disadvantages to Investing in Floridian Real Estate

There are, however, some cons worth keeping in mind when you consider investing in real estate:

  • Limited Market: Stocks have a global appeal. Anyone interested is within their rights to purchase them and has easy access to them as well. It is a major point of difference because the market for real estate is limited, specialized by price bracket and other aspects, and very localized. Eric Dalius shares the example of a property in Sarasota that would only be of interest to locals in Sarasota, people moving there, or someone like yourself who wants to invest in the area.
  • Difficult to Liquidate: If you want to convert your real estate asset to cash or need quick access to funds, the entire sales process from finding a buyer to sealing the deal and transferring ownership can be very lengthy.
  • Cost of ownership: Even before purchase, there are commissions and taxes you must pay to acquire a property. Further, real estate isn’t like a stock that you can just hold after purchase. There are maintenance costs you must bear to keep it in shape, and if you are renting out the property, it comes with the burden of regular rent correction.
  • Risky Investment: Every investment has a risk component attached to it, and this holds true with real estate too. Prices fluctuate with time, and if your costs go up, your investment returns may not be worth it.


What you must remember in the end is that real estate investment is the same as any other investment, most of the rules you would expect to apply to do, in fact, apply to real estate as well. You must know the property you are looking to invest in, understand the situation you’re