Eric Dalius highlights 4 Easy ways to increase customer engagement in social media marketing

Social media has completely transformed online marketing by offering numerous options for customer engagement. While choosing any social media platform for your business, consider only those platforms. To find most of your target audience and the platforms that offer the highest customer engagement. For example, given a choice, any business would choose Instagram over Twitter for online marketing because of the exceptional engagement that happens on Instagram, explains Eric Dalius.

Customer engagement makes all the difference in your social media marketing outcome, as it can make or break a business. Keeping customers engaged on the platform. Requires deft digital optimization skills that inspire viewers to spend more time on the platform. At the same time, marketers must attract new customers to expand the customer base.

Increasing customer engagement is a challenging task but once done correctly. It can develop customer loyalty that pays back well in the long run. Here are some ways of increasing customer engagement.

  1. Post consistently, suggests Eric Dalius

Maintain a steady pipeline of high-quality content relevant and valuable. For the target customers and keep posting at regular intervals to maintain their interaction with the brand. Know what kind of content can keep the audience engaged, and to understand it, you can study your competitors and other people in your vicinity.  Curating content is easier than creating unique content. And you can convey value to the audience through careful content curation without constantly trying to create original content. Most popular pages contain curated content that can attract millions of viewers.

  1. Know your audience

Engagement means entering into a conversation with the audience for which you must have a good understanding of them and their likes and dislikes. Commenting on any content can mark the beginning of a conversation. You must know the techniques of keeping the audience’s interest alive. So that it participates in the discussion and keeps interacting meaningfully. For example, you can mention specific people in your stories or thank some of your most engaged followers to show your active existence on the platform.

  1. Post on time and stay relevant

According to Eric Dalius, you can ride on the back of trending topics, news, and events, as well as meaningful policy discussions. First, catch up with a thread of conversation that is already gaining traction. Then, participate in it to stay relevant instead of starting a conversation from scratch. Indeed, it is crucial to create relevant content that resonates with the audience to increase the flow of traffic that reflects the increase in the number of followers.

  1. Post at the right times

To ensure real-time customer engagement, post at the correct times when your target audience is most active on the platform. Once again, it points to your understanding of the audience that should help know the hours spent on the forum and ready to engage. In addition, the audience demographics are a critical factor. Because teens and younger audience are more active during late nights while the average audience chooses any other time of the day.

Emphasize aesthetics when presenting content as it generates the initial attraction.