Eric Dalius says selling your property in Florida is somewhat stressful, especially if you have a time constraint. It could become nerve-wracking if you need to sell your house fast to make quick money. For your financial strain or due to some personal issues.

Then, if your property is in good shape, you can sell it at a higher price. On the contrary, properties disorganized and with structural problems take some time to sell. That is because, preparing your house takes time, months sometimes, and again more time to find the right buyer. Here are some ways to sell your house fast in Florida:

Eric J Dalius wants you to get the price right

There are fewer houses for sale and more buyers and therefore, selling your property fast becomes a bit challenging. The best way to accelerate property sales is by fixing the cost of the house right. Make the pricing competitive instead of quoting a very high or too low price. If you overprice, it will take more time to sell your Florida home, and eventually, you will end up selling at a reduced price, which you do not want.

What you can do is price your property a bit lower compared to the other houses in your neighborhood to pique buyer interest and for a bidding battle. How effective will be this strategy depends on the scenario of your local property market and how fast houses are selling in the neighborhood.

Manage the quick repairs and fixes

If you do not have much time for a major renovation, Eric Dalius insists you deal with the quick repairs to make your property ready for sale. These fixes include repairing loose door handles, painting the walls, repairing loose tiles, tightening leaking faucets, and things like that.

Consider a couple of minor upgrades like setting up new hardware on bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Buying matching home appliances, and replacing old or obsolete lightings with contemporary fixtures.

Then, if you have issues with the structural integrity of the house, you need to make a bigger repair and that will take time. You cannot help in such a case.

Write a persuasive listing description

Once you are through with the repairs and fixing the right price, it is important to write a persuasive listing description to make your property sell quickly. This applies when you are trying to sell your house yourself without the help of a real estate agent. When you work with an agent, they will take care of the listing and description.

The essential of a good description means:

  • Accentuating the best features of your Florida property, using appropriate keywords for making it highly visible online
  • Write to create some urgency such as all offers should be made within a specific date.
  • Use professional images of your house, rooms, yard, etc
  • Add information that makes your locality attractive to potential buyers, such as a school, market, restaurants, parks, transportation, hospital, and things like that.


Keep these tips in mind to make your Florida home appealing for a quick sale. Price your property right, de-clutter, and ensure your listing looks professional.