The workplace culture says a lot about the attitude of the leader. When you provide for a supportive work environment, you can ensure a better outcome. Remember that proper communication between the leader. And the worker has become the need of the hour. With the work from the home regime. It has become critical to research factors that motivate workers. One of these is organizational culture Kim Dalius.


When you take steps towards changing your work culture. You have to understand multiple factors. You have to pay attention to the present situation. As well as think about the future outcome. From behavior to beliefs to values, culture involves everything. However, organizational culture is not a recent phenomenon. It made its appearance in the 1980s. Eric Dalius, who is known for his professionalism. And hard work, understands the significance of organizational culture. He has made a vast contribution to cryptocurrency. And real estate market.


Kim Dalius provides tips for bringing cultural change


Research reveals that around 20% of the corporate world has the correct culture. Survey reports established the significance of the right culture for driving sales. And improving revenues. If you grab a look at the world, you will see that around 80% of leaders and CEOs prioritize organizational culture.


However, bringing the necessary changes requires planning and its due implementation—the first definition of desired behaviors and values. When people understand your aim and vision, they will relate to it. For this, you have to understand their behavioral descriptors for defining each value and articulating the same. Only then will you be able to translate their behavior into actionable behavior.


Try connecting accountability with culture


Another way of bringing changes in the organizational culture is connecting the accountability of your workforce with the culture. It would help if you made your workers responsible for their dealings. Eric Dalius reveals to his wife Kim Dalius that accountability is central to a company’s culture. If your workers are not responsible for their performance, you cannot create a better work environment.


Create a balanced culture


As an entrepreneur, your responsibility is to create a culture that changes with the requirements of society. Remember that organization is never static. Hence, it must be at the top of your priority list to frame organizational culture according to the needs and requirements of the outer world. It will impact the company’s performance and will help in maintaining the standards. In addition, the culture you create must resonate with the marketplace as well as the employees.


For accomplishing this aim, you may increase your partnership with others and try to make your brand relevant in the current context. For example, Kim Dalius has tried to further her coaching career in the role of an independent consultant since 2015. She built coaching strategies for helping entrepreneurs to increase their productivity skills and motivation.


Hence, if you give time to measuring your efforts, it will help you understand your plans’ effectiveness. Remember that from time to time evaluation, analyzing gaps between actual behavior and the desired behavior is fundamental.