Eric Dalius there are several ways you can close a real estate business deal in Florida. Though many agents pay more heed to generate increased leads, the real work starts after gaining leads. Eric Dalius points out that from leads, you need to attain clients, and then you can grab lucrative property deals. And, that is that.

The number of deals you manage to close and the time taken to clinch such deals would determine your efficiency as an expert in closing real estate contracts. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to close property deals in the Sunshine State of Florida:

Eric J Dalius thinks to determine lead quality is most significant

Your job is to look for qualified leads, which means piquing the interest of genuine house buyers and not some casual visitor browsing your property website. Only qualified leads turn into clients. For example, if you hosted a seminar recently, then all those people attending it are potential and qualified leads. Then, not all of them will convert into your customers, but some will definitely.

You need to interview the leads, who inquire about your property for sale before you start working with them. During the interview, figure out whether he is a difficult client or not. For instance, some prospects have high expectations that are impractical or unsure whether they want to invest in new real estate or not. Working with them is a sheer waste of time. EJ Dalius, therefore, recommends looking for genuine clients.

Eric Dalius Develop a sense of urgency

The best property experts have immaculate skills, especially when it comes to people management. The professionals have the knowledge to correspond with potential customers candidly and clearly. The experts in the industry know that time is money in the property business. Therefore, the real estate agents come to the point right away, and ask whether a client is interested in the property or not, probe about the customer’s budget and things like that. If the real estate agent feels the client has a limited budget, he will look elsewhere.

Some people may observe it as too frontward, but that is how the majority of the thriving agents work. They simply know the value of time and hard work they invest in property deals and like to clinch the agreement fast. That is why you need to develop a sense of urgency so that the client acts fast and agrees to a down payment.

Eric Dalius Understand your client’s budget

Normally, property experts will show clients houses in different localities and talk about all the features of that property. It means all rooms, kitchen, backyard, amenities, etc. Then, real estate professionals will show houses to customers based on his or her budget. A salaried person will look for a moderately priced apartment, unlike an entrepreneur who will like to see premium homes in a city. Asking the budget saves both the client and the agent’s time.


Keep these useful tips in mind when you are putting your property for sale. Look for genuine buyers who are interested in the deal and not time wasters.