Eric Dalius did you know that Florida is a hot tourist destination for British vacationers? They move to a warmer place for a break during the winter months. Of late, Eric Dalius has observed that British tourists are investing in holiday real estate in the Sunshine State for enjoying the sun and sand, the turquoise ocean water, Disney Land fun, and making the most out of the great pound value to buy stunning properties in Florida.

These people from the UK are accustomed to a plush lifestyle and properties. That will fetch them good capital returns and rental income too. Here is why Florida has the best property hotspots for British clients:

Eric J Dalius cites that Davenport is a coveted destination for British people

Davenport is the 3rd most popular destination when it comes to real estate investment. The town has a population of fewer than 2,000 people. Davenport is, therefore, the best place for British clients looking for beaches. Sun and sand, swim, and of course higher rental incomes. Moreover, the town is close to Orlando and the city’s international airport.

Property buyers in Davenport, who have no issues driving for an additional 5-10 minutes to the stunning theme parks will easily get a comfortable four-bedroom house in Calabey with a swimming pool for approx £150,000. You can expect returns of about 8 percent as well as capital appreciation of around 3 percent to 4 percent. Again, EJ Dalius has seen people enjoying a great vacation watching the sea, waves, and sand.

British customers think differently

What is it that’s attracting British buyers to Florida? The major reason is the low price point in communities beyond Orlando, which are quite remarkable compared to real estate opportunities in England.

In a community like Reunion Kissimmee, a chi-chi neighborhood with water parks, golf courses, as well as country clubs, just 15 minutes off the theme parks. A four-bedroom home out here will cost you about £230,000.

Clients have about 8 percent ROI, and many times, as much as 10 percent, which means £23,000 worth of cash straight into your bank and capital appreciation. It also means leaving about 17 weeks for family and loved ones to use the property free. Real estate investments are not that promising in Britain like in Florida, which has 300 days of sunshine every year.

Valid reasons to invest in Florida properties

First is 300 days of sunshine, lifestyle, and turquoise ocean water, pristine beaches, theme parks, and golf courses. It means many activities for vacationers in the Sunshine State. Again, real estate prices in Florida are lower than in Britain and rental earnings are mouthwatering and opportunities for capital appreciation.

You have your property secured with a legal assurance of ownership as well as protection by a legal system that is extremely transparent. Investing in dollars is safe and most secured worldwide.

There is the convenience of a common language, smooth purchasing process, and touristy places that make Florida the hotspot for real estate investments.


Now that you know why British people like to invest in Florida real estate, you too can follow suit. Buy properties for handsome rental income and start making money.